What camera does that was epic use?

What camera does that was epic use?

EPIC provides 10 narrow band spectral images of the entire sunlit face of Earth using a 2048×2048 pixel CCD (Charge Coupled Device) detector coupled to a 30-cm aperture Cassegrain telescope (Figure 1).

What is a RED Epic camera?

The RED Epic is a camera body/brain. It came after the RED One, and originally featured the M-X sensor, but then offered the Dragon sensor, and you can now upgrade your Epic to the Helium and Gemini sensors.

What is RED code in RED camera?

What is REDCODE? REDCODE is RED’s proprietary compression algorithm that works to make files smaller while retaining resolution, colors, dynamic range, and more to the best of its ability. (Almost every digital camera uses compression, even if it is labeled as a “RAW” format.)

What sensor does the RED Epic have?

It has a single large CMOS sensor (Mysterium-X, super 35mm film, 27.7mm x14. 6mm, with photo-sites at 5.41 micron spacing), 5120×2700 with Bayer pattern photo-sites. The normal lens mount is PL, taking 35mm movie- style lenses, and other mounts are available to permit the use of other large-format camera lenses.

How much does a RED Epic cost?

RED Cuts EPIC Price in Half: EPIC-X Now $19,000, SCARLET Under $8K, RED ONE Goes 4.5K for $4K.

Does red camera shoot RAW?

RED cameras record RAW data to maximize image fidelity and post-production flexibility. 2.

WHAT IS RED camera format?

As RED’s proprietary file format, REDCODE RAW efficiently encodes image data in a way that maximizes post production capabilities. REDCODE’s efficiency helps content creators achieve increased image quality and smaller file sizes when capturing data-rich, high-resolution images.

How many megapixels is RED Epic?

19.4 Megapixel
Tech Specs

SENSOR SIZE 30.7 mm x 15.8 mm (Diagonal: 34.5 mm)
DYNAMIC RANGE 16.5+ stops
MAX DATA RATES Up to 200 MB/s using RED MINI-MAG (480GB & 960GB) Up to 170 MB/s using RED MINI-MAG (120GB & 240GB) or REDMAG 1.8″

What camera does marvel use?

Marvel’s Two-Part Avengers: Infinity War To Be Filmed Entirely Using The Brand-New IMAX®/ARRI Digital Camera | IMAX.

What’s the most expensive movie camera?

The Leica O- Series No. 122 was sold during the 32nd WestLicht Camera Auction after starting at $444,000, making it the world’s most expensive camera to date. The price came to be so high due to it being kept in such a fantastic condition.

Why is RED camera so special?

A RED camera shoots RAW footage files, which are file formats for uncompressed images that are large in size with lossless quality. This file format stores the fullest details of images so that they can be edited to your taste and preference.

Why are RED cameras so popular?

Red cameras have been well known for their ability to shoot in higher frame rates since the Red One. Sony, Panasonic, and Canon are really just catching up to Red with their higher frame rate capabilities because the quality of the slow motion footage from any Red camera is fantastic.

Does RED camera shoot RAW?

What is special about RED cameras?

What camera was Loki shot on?

Technical Specifications

Sound Mix Dolby Digital | Dolby Atmos
Camera Phantom Flex4K, Panavision T-Series Lenses Sony CineAlta Venice, Panavision T-Series Lenses
Laboratory PIX System, USA (additional digital dailies) Technicolor, Hollywood (CA), USA (digital intermediate) (digital dailies)
Negative Format AXS-R7 CineMag

Which camera is used in Infinity War?

What camera is our planet shot on?

Red Epic Dragon cameras
The six-part Hostile Planet, which was narrated by Bear Grylls and premiered on Nat Geo on April 1, also used Red Epic Dragon cameras at 5.5K resolution. The team shot an estimated 1,800 hours of raw footage, lensed on every continent during roughly 1,300 days of filming, according to Nat Geo.