What are Welsh greetings?

What are Welsh greetings?


  • Bore da – Good morning.
  • Prynhawn da – Good afternoon.
  • Noswaith dda – Good evening.
  • Nos da – Goodnight.
  • Helô / Hylô – Hello.
  • Shwmae? / Sut wyt ti? – How are you? ( South)
  • Su’mae / Sud wyt ti? – How are you? ( North)
  • Croeso – Welcome.

How do you flirt in Welsh?

But if marriage isn’t quite on the cards just yet, why not start by trying one of the phrases below to impress your Welsh date:

  1. Dw i’n dy hoffi di – I like you.
  2. Rwy’n dy garu di – I love you.
  3. Cwtch/Cwtsh – Cuddle.
  4. Cariad – Love, Darling.
  5. Cusana fi – Kiss me.
  6. Ti’n ddel – You’re cute.
  7. Rydych yn hardd – You’re beautiful.

What is the motto of Wales?


Wales Cymru (Welsh)
Motto: “Cymru am byth” “Wales Forever”
Anthem: “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau” “Land of My Fathers” 1:21
Location of Wales (dark green) – in Europe (green & dark grey) – in the United Kingdom (green)
Status Country

What is a famous Welsh saying?

“The guilty flee with no one chasing them.” “Adversity brings knowledge and knowledge of wisdom.” “I was wise once: when I was born, I cried.”

What is darling in Welsh?

in Welsh is: 1 annwyl adjective , bach2 adjective , ffel adjective , gwyn2 adjective.

What Wales is known for?

Wales is famous for its stunning scenery, ancient history, and charming language. Wales is known for Mount Snowdon, its tallest mountain, and the most castles per capita in Europe. There are also plenty of famous Welsh men and women, including Roald Dahl, Anthony Hopkins, and believe it or not, Jack Daniels.

Why do the Welsh say lush?

Lush is abbreviation of the word Luscious. The originally Welsh oxymoron meaning you are on your way, but not immediately. You need a minute to gather your thoughts/things/feelings before you traverse the journey you are about to undertake. Traditionally shouted from the top of the stairs to parental figures.

What is the best Welsh word?

Welsh words and phrases that make it the best language in the world

  • Cwtch. Maybe the most famous and our favourite, “cwtch” is widely used in Wales by both Welsh and English speakers.
  • Iechyd Da. Most commonly heard in South Wales, it essentially means ‘cheers’.
  • Bwbach.
  • Spigoglys.

What is the Welsh name for love?

The Welsh Word for Love – Caru, Cariad and more – We Learn Welsh.

What do you call a woman from Wales?

Definition of Welshwoman : a woman who is a native or inhabitant of Wales.

What are 5 interesting facts about Wales?

Quick Fire Fun Facts About Wales

  • Wales is a part of the United Kingdom.
  • The capital city of Wales is Cardiff.
  • The population of Wales is 3.136 million people.
  • Wales is roughly 20,800 square km.
  • The currency of Wales is Pounds Sterling.
  • Wales is a bilingual country, people speak both Welsh and English there.

What is an interesting fact about Wales?

Wales has more castles per square mile than any other country in the world! Rugby is the national sport of Wales. The first international game took place between Wales and England in 1881. Wales went undefeated from 1907 to 1910.

Do the Welsh hate the English?

The poll of 300 Welsh people revealed the thing they hate most about the English is football hooliganism, while an obsession with England’s 1966 World Cup win comes second. More than a quarter of Welsh people dislike English arrogance, while another annoyance was the country’s inability to cope with snowfall each year.

What is the funniest Welsh word?

35 funny welsh words and what they mean

  • Gwdihw – goo dee who – Owl.
  • Mwclis – moo clees – Beads/Necklace.
  • Cwningen – coo ning en – Rabbit.
  • Bochdew – borc dew – Hamster.
  • Pili Pala – pilly palla – Butterfly.
  • Jack Codi Baw – jack cod ee bah oo – JCB.
  • Twmffat – tomb fat – Idiot.

What is Welsh for beautiful girl?

Iola: Violet, beauty. Megan: Pearl. Seren: Star in Welsh Celtic. Teagan: Beautiful.

What is the most Welsh name?

Top Welsh Baby Names

Rank Name Gender
1 Megan Female
2 Dylan Male
3 Seren Female
4 Rhys Male

What makes Wales so special?

Wales; famous for its rugged coastline, mountainous National Parks and not forgetting the Celtic Welsh language. It’s a pretty cool country to live in or to visit. Firstly, not only does it have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the Welsh people are known as one of the friendliest.

What is Wales well known for?