What are the goals of education?

What are the goals of education?

The Congress declares that the National Education Goals are the following:

  • (1) School readiness.
  • (2) School completion.
  • (3) Student achievement and citizenship.
  • (4) Teacher education and professional development.
  • (5) Mathematics and science.
  • (6) Adult literacy and lifelong learning.

What are the 5 smart goals in education?

It stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-oriented or relevant, and Time-bound. Other terms have been associated with these letters, but the Ohio Department of Education uses these.

What are the eight goals of education?


  • Foster nationalism, patriotism and promote national unity.
  • Promote social, economical, technological and industrial needs for national development.
  • a) Social Needs.
  • b) Economic Needs.
  • c) Technological and Industrial Needs.
  • Promote individual development and self- fulfillment.
  • How many national goals are there in education?

    The formulation of the eight goals of education is meant to specify more precisely, what qualities are thought most desirable to develop among the Kenyan citizens.

    What are SMART educational goals?

    SMART is a goal-setting acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. SMART goals help us become more productive by providing guidelines on what to do and when to get it done. When your goals have these characteristics, you are much likelier to achieve them.

    What are the 8 goals of education in Kenya?

    Education in Kenya should:

    • Foster nationalism, patriotism and promote national unity.
    • Promote social, economic, technological and industrial needs for national development.
    • Promote individual development and self-fulfillment.
    • Promote sound moral and religious values.
    • Promote social equality and Responsibility.

    What are our main national goals?

    Answer: The vision of the five National Goals and Directive Principles compelled post- independence governments to deliver social, economic and political development with consideration to equality, economic self-reliance, national sovereignty and protection of the natural environment.

    How do you write educational goals?

    Describe your educational goals. Explain your choice of career and what qualifications, skills, and talents you feel you have for your chosen field. Include your plans for financing your education. (If necessary, you may add one additional page for your educational goals.)

    How many goals of education do we have in Kenya?

    How many national education goals are there in Kenya?

    eight national goals
    The functions the Kenyan education system seeks to attain are embedded in the three aims of education and further translated in the eight national goals of education. These goals explain the ideals this system seeks to attain in terms of the knowledge, skills, and values the country wishes its learners to acquire.

    What are our national goals Class 8?

    India is a Democratic country and our national goals are democracy, Secularism, national unity, freedom, equality ,social harmony and International peace and corporation.

    What are the national goals of education in Nigeria?

    What are the objectives of education according to the Nigerian education policy?

    • a free and, democratic society.
    • a just egalitarian society.
    • a united, strong and self-reliant nation.
    • a great and dynamic economy.
    • a land full of bright opportunities for all citizens.

    What are teaching goals examples?

    20 Goals for Teachers for This Year

    • Get Organized.
    • New Year, New Expectations.
    • Make an Honest Assessment.
    • Improve Skills.
    • Bring FUN to Fundamentals.
    • Collaborate More.
    • Inspire a Love of Reading.
    • More Interactive Lessons.

    What are the four national goals of education?

    Namibia’s education system hangs on four fundamental goals, namely, equity, quality, access and democracy. Coronavirus has surprisingly sent a devastating shockwave across the globe.

    What are Your Goals for Education?

    Education is so much more. My goals for education are the following. 1. To have the basic skills needed to build upon to accomplish whatever task or job is assigned in the future. This is the part where we train workers for the future. Our children need the math and language arts skills needed to be successful.

    What are the 4 goals of education according to Mann?

    In his last report, Mann articulated a list of goals for education that included health and physical education, intellectual (academic) education, political education, moral education, and religious education (by which he meant teaching the ethical principles on which all religions agreed).

    What are short term educational goals?

    Short term educational goals are small milestones that can help you pave the path for accomplishing goals over the long term. They are a great way to get the ball rolling and put things in perspective. Short term educational goals can provide instant gratification.

    Why is it important to set SMART educational goals?

    Smart educational goals not only will help you set some discipline in life but also keep you inspired and encouraged. It helps you know where you stand in your learning destination and stay motivated to embark on the journey. How to set educational goals for yourself?