Is VW Golf 6 a good car?

Is VW Golf 6 a good car?

Should I buy one? The Volkswagen Golf Mk6 is a high-quality, refined and efficient family hatchback with solid residual values. This means it’ll cost a bit more to buy used than rivals, but you’ll also get more of your money back at the other end – not to mention that desirable VW badge.

How much horsepower does a Golf 6 have?

There are six turbocharged direct-injection engines whose power outputs range from 77 kW (105 PS; 103 hp) to 155 kW (211 PS; 208 hp). Four of the petrol engines (TSI) and one diesel (TDI) are available with the DSG dual-clutch gearbox; while three of the engines are available with energy-saving BlueMotion Technology.

Is the Golf TDI fast?

Compared to the gas and electric Golfs, the diesel-powered Golf TDI is slower and less agile. The TDI has the second-slowest 0-60 time, at 9.0 seconds. Its 17.0-second quarter-mile time with a speed of 83.6 mph was even slower than the electric Golf’s 16.9 seconds.

What year model is Golf 6?

VW Golf 6 Model Line-Up Golf 6 arrived in South Africa in the first half of 2009 and was initially offered in the following variants; 1.6 Trendline (75 kW/148 Nm) 5-speed manual. 1.4 TSI (90 kW/200 Nm) 6-speed manual Trendline & Comfortline.

What is the fastest diesel golf?

2020 VW Golf GTD: High-performance, long-range diesel available to order now….New VW Golf R: The fastest and most powerful Golf ever made

  • New VW Golf R is the most powerful Golf ever made, trumping the outgoing model for pace and acceleration.
  • 320 PS engine sends the R from 0-62mph in 4.7 seconds.

Why is TDI cheap?

TDIs Are Cheaper Than Ever Partly due to all of the Dieselgate uncertainty and negative press, and partly due to the abundance of bought-back cars that need to find new homes, TDI models on the market right now are selling for about 30% less than they otherwise would be.

Are TDI engines fast?

Advantages to the TDI Unlike other forms of diesel engine, the TDI offers a lot of boost to the engine. This helps it to reflect the speed and rapid gear changes of a gasoline car, although diesel will still hold in the same gear for a while.

Is the TDI fast?

The TDI’s generous torque from the turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder diesel moves the 3,340-pound wagon with immediacy at highway speeds of 60-70 mph like there’s a bigger-displacement engine under the hood.