Is unathi from idols still married?

Is unathi from idols still married?

Unathi was previously married to fellow radio personality Thomas Msengana. The couple parted ways in 2019, but not before she took to social media to call out her ex-husband who was allegedly “sexting” a Joburg woman.

How long was unathi married?

Unathi Nkayi was married to the popular radio personality, Thomas Msengana – who is popularly known as Bad Boy T. The couple had their wedding in 2009 and were blessed with two children, Sinako Msengana and Imbo Msengana.

How old is unathi mankayi?

Born on November 6, 1978, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape, South Africa, Unathi Nkayi is 43 years old. She is notable for being a judge at South African talent show.

Who is Thomas Msengana?

Thomas Msengana popularly called Bad Boy T is a well known radio show host, and disc jockey from South Africa. He is regarded as one of South Africa’s radio royalties. Thomas is best known for hosting the popular show, Lunch With Thomas and Pearl alongside Pearl Modiadie.

Does Unathi have a child?

While the son’s name is Sinako, Unathi Msengana’s daughter is known as Imbo. Based on a post that she made on her Instagram page on May 31st, 2018, while she was wishing her daughter a happy birthday, it is glaring that the daughter means a lot to her as she called the girl her best friend.

Who is Unathi’s husband?

Recently, she was voted as South Africa’s Best Female at the Annual Metro FM Music Awards. Unathi Msengana husband On September 19th, 2009, Unathi Msengana was gloriously wedded in holy matrimony to DJ Thomas Msengana who is best known as Bad Boy T.

How many kids does unathi from Idols have?

While she was celebrating her 40 years birthday, she ensured that she made the best of the moment as she went on vacation with some of her closest friends. Unathi Msengana kids Prior to the separation of the Idols, SA judge Unathi Msengana and her husband, their marriage was blessed with a son and a daughter.

How many children does Thomas Msengana have?

There are currently no Unathi Nkayi and Thomas Msengana wedding pictures on the internet. The couple has two children together; a son named Sinako and a daughter named Imboyothando. In 2019, Unathi took to social media to celebrate her daughter’s eighth birthday.

Is somizi and unathi still friends?

Somizi Mhlongo has opened up about the end of his friendship with former ‘Idols SA’ judge, Unathi Nkayi. Their relationship came to an abrupt end in October 2021 after Unathi unfollowed him on Instagram. She also made it very clear that they are no longer friends.

Is Nkayi dating Unathi?

At the beginning of 2022, Kelello Segoana, aka Kaylow and Unathi Nkayi made news when it emerged that the two were dating.

Is Nkayi dating unathi?

When was unathi born?

November 6, 1978 (age 43 years)Unathi / Date of birth

Is somizi a Millionaire?

Somizi Mhlongo net worth: Somizi Mhlongo is a South African choreographer, radio personality, and television personality who has a net worth of $5 million….Somizi Mhlongo Net Worth.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Gender: Male
Profession: Actor

How did somizi become famous?

Somizi Buyani Mhlongo (born 23 December 1972) is a South African media personality, television presenter, actor and choreographer. In 1992, he appeared on the musical and political film, Sarafina! which gained him prominence.

Did Zola and Unathi have a relationship?

The trending topic was his relationship with fellow musician Unathi Nkayi. Zola featured Unathi in his song Sana Iwani, 19 years ago. Their chemistry in the music video was undeniable and is still highly talked about to this day. However, Unathi did admit in 2020 that the two never dated.

Who is rich between Bonang and somizi?

South African entertainer and choreographer Somizi Mhlongo might have just revealed that he earns more money than his former bestie Bonang Matheba. Everyone knows just how talented Somizi , 44, is, but when it comes to being the most successful in the industry, does he reign supreme to the legendary Bonang, 29?

How much does it cost to book a somizi?

2k to 70k
Somizi Mhlongo’s booking fees range from 2k to 70k.

What happened between Zola and Unathi?

Their chemistry in the music video was undeniable and is still highly talked about to this day. However, Unathi did admit in 2020 that the two never dated. She explained: “People don’t understand how we never date. He had a crush on me and I him BUT we were both too shy to do anything.