Is there a bus from Coromandel to Auckland?

Is there a bus from Coromandel to Auckland?

Go Kiwi Shuttles is Whitianga based, offering travellers a scheduled shuttle service between Auckland (City & Airport) and the Coromandel Peninsula. We travel between Auckland & the Peninsula, covering Thames, Hikuai (for Whangamata), Tairua, Hahei, Hot Water Beach, Whitianga, Kuaotunu, Matarangi, Whangapoua and more.

Is there a bus from Whitianga to Auckland?

The bus trip from Whitianga to Auckland takes approximately 4 hours with regular stops along the way. Search for a bus Whitianga to Auckland and book online with New Zealand’s most popular national bus network.

How do I get from Auckland to Whangamata?

There is no direct connection from Auckland to Whangamatā. However, you can take the bus to Kopu then take the taxi to Whangamatā. Alternatively, you can take the train to Manukau Train Station, take the walk to Manukau City, take the bus to Kopu, then take the taxi to Whangamatā.

Are there buses to Whitianga?

Catch an InterCity® bus to Whitianga on the Coromandel Peninsula. Buses arrive at the Whitianga Information Centre, 66 Albert Street. From Whitianga you can connect to InterCity bus services around the Coromandel.

Is there a ferry from Auckland to Coromandel?

The Auckland Coromandel ferry route connects New Zealand with New Zealand. Currently there is just the 1 ferry company operating this ferry service, Fullers Ferry. The crossing operates up to 2 times each week with sailing durations from around 2 hours.

What time should I get to Hot Water Beach?

Hot Water Beach is best visited two hours either side of low-tide. If you arrive at high tide the hot springs will be under water. Spades can be hired at the local shop.

Can you fly from Auckland to Whitianga?

Auckland ( Ardmore) to Whitianga Fly from Ardmore to Whitianga in about 25 – 30 minutes.

Is Coromandel worth visiting?

Its pristine golden beaches, secluded bays, misty rainforests, beautiful waterfalls and cliffside views make it an ideal destination for a summer escape. Just a 1.5h drive from Auckland, a Coromandel road trip is an absolute must do when exploring New Zealand’s North island.

What is the best time to go to Hot Water Beach?

Is Hot Water Beach worth it?

Hot Water Beach is just one of many incredible spots in NZ, but it’s definitely worth visiting.

How warm is the water at Hot Water Beach?

The water, with a temperature as hot as 64 °C (147 °F), filters up from two underground fissures located close to each other. These natural springs can be found on the beach opposite the off-shore rocks.

How much does it cost to fly from Whitianga to Auckland?

Whitianga to Auckland Flight Information

Cheapest return ticket price US$320,553,437
Cheapest direct flight price US$320,553,437

How many days do you need in Coromandel?

We recommend spending at least 3-5 days on this Coromandel road trip in order to see the top Coromandel attractions. It will take you closer 7-10 days in order to do all the activities and visit all the attractions listed below.

Are there showers at Hot Water Beach?

The main ‘Pay and Display’ car park is situated at the southernmost end of Hot Water Beach. It has newly upgraded restroom facilities, including showers. It is a 24 hour carpark and charges apply.

Is Cathedral Cove free?

Yes, visiting Cathedral Cove is free. You can also park for free at the Hahei Visitor Car Park or at Hahei Beach.

Can dogs go on Hot Water Beach?

Dog Policy Hot Water Beach TOP 10 Holiday Park accepts dogs on site by pre-arrangement, between the Tuesday after Waitangi Weekend – 15 December each year, excluding public holiday weekends.

Is there an airport in Whitianga?

Whitianga Airport, The Coromandel Whitianga’s small airport is used mainly by private pilots. There are scheduled flights twice a day from Whitianga to Auckland with Barrier Air. There are also flights to Great Barrier Island.

Where can I base myself in Coromandel?

For you the best base is definitely Whitianga. Its larger than Tairua, more centrally located to the attractions, and has many more accommodation and restaurant / cafe options. It is a three hour drive from Auckland. Whitianga has a 3km long beach (Buffalo beach) and a beautiful harbour.

Which Auckland beaches allow dogs?

Dog friendly beaches – North

  • Kennedy Park, Castor Bay.
  • Takapuna Beach, Takapuna.
  • Omaha Beach.
  • Cockle Bay Beach, Cockle Bay.
  • Mellons Bay Beach, Howick.
  • Coyle Park, Point Chevalier.
  • Onehunga Bay Lagoon, Onehunga.
  • Craigavon Park, Blockhouse Bay.