Is the CZ P-10 C a good gun?

Is the CZ P-10 C a good gun?

The P-10 C is a rock-solid offering from CZ and would be an excellent purchase for anyone that wants to conceal or just own a high-quality firearm. The P-10 C is amazing to shoot, easy to control, and cycles everything. There’s a lot to love here and not a lot to dislike.

Is the CZ p10 S discontinued?

Description. Discontinued 2022. After several years of hard work, production of CZ pistols is in full swing at our Kansas City headquarters. The CZ-USA P-10 Optics-Ready is available in the full-size F, compact C and subcompact S.

Is the CZ 9mm a good gun?

While its main purpose is home defense, the CZ 75B is a solid, well-built pistol that’s acceptable for a variety of uses, including range and competition shooting. It’s a great handgun for anyone, even newbie shooters! Here’s a recap of some of its best features: Lifetime warranty and complete reliability.

Which is better CZ or Glock?

When comparing aftermarket sights for the CZ 75 Compact vs Glock 19 Glock is again the clear winner. Dawson precision and CZ Custom have some sight options for the 75 compact but you won’t find much else while almost every sight option ever made is made for Glock.

Who uses CZ p10?

CZ P-10 C is a compact semi-automatic striker-fired pistol made by Česká zbrojovka (CZ) in the Czech Republic. It was introduced in 2017 after development that began in 2014. The weapon is designed for self-defense and use in the armed forces….

CZ P-10 C
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Does a CZ P-10 have a safety?

The P-10 C is a striker-fired semi-automatic pistol. This type of trigger system prevents the firearm from discharging unless the trigger is fully depressed, even if the pistol is dropped. Other safety features include a firing pin block which mechanically obstructs the firing pin.

Has the CZ p10c been discontinued?

Discontinued 2018 (replaced with 91531) Many years in the making, we’re pleased to announce the latest addition to the CZ line of handguns — the P-10 C.

Is the CZ p10 single or double-action?

The CZ P-10 C is a compact, striker-fired, polymer-framed pistol with a 15+1 capacity. It uses a double-action-style trigger that cocks and releases a pre-tensioned striker, a system popularized by Glock and incorporated into the Smith & Wesson M&P series and several other designs.

What ammo does a CZ P-10 C take?

Winchester WinClean 147 grain 9mm FMJ gave the best performance during testing at 25 yards, but the author found P-10 C shot consistently with all 3 of the most popular 9mm bullet weights.

Is a CZ p10 a Glock?

When CZ introduced the P10c at the shot show, many hailed this gun as the fabled “Glock 19 Killer” and said it would unseat the popular 9mm compact-sized handgun on the market….Size.

Metrics CZ P-10 C Glock 19
Weight w/ empty mag (Oz) 25.8 23.9
Weight w/ full mag (Oz) 31.2 29.4