Is that Allen Iverson in the TikTok commercial?

Is that Allen Iverson in the TikTok commercial?

The L.A. Clippers head coach Lue spoke on Sunday about his recent TikTok commercial with Iverson. In the ad, the two try to recreate a famous viral video from the platform and are dumbfounded how to do so.

Who is in the Khaby lame commercial?

Lame, the second most-followed creator on TikTok (after Charli D’Amelio) with 130 million fans, has partnered with Hugo Boss to star in a campaign surrounding its re-brand, and will also co-design a capsule collection with the fashion label as part of a multi-year pact.

How much does Reebok Pay Allen Iverson?

Reebok has already paid Iverson over $16 million since 2001 in annual payments. However, a massive hit will come in 2030 when Iverson turns 55 and will be entitled to $32 million that Reebok has saved in a trust fund for him.

Who is on the TikTok commercial?

TikTok TV Spot, ‘You Have to See It: Hand Gesture’ Featuring Allen Iverson, Tyronn Lue.

What song is in the TikTok commercial?

TikTok Advert – Sea Shanty​ – Music by Nathan Evans This new TikTok TV commercial focuses on the video-sharing app’s current Sea Shanty craze and the song that started it all.

Who is the girl in the TikTok ad?

entrepreneur Gabrielle Union
TikTok puts the spotlight on diverse creators in its new North American brand campaign fronted by actor, producer and entrepreneur Gabrielle Union. The campaign, titled “Heads Up,” follows TikTok’s global “It Starts on Tiktok” brand push that debuted last August.

How do I find a song from TikTok?

Tap on the Shazam button and the application will search the songs be it a cover or remix and arrange them in a perfectly ordered library. In the library, you can tap on the song to get all the details like producers, singers lyrics, videos and where to find the soundtrack.

Who is the most famous TikTok girl?

Here are the most followed girls on TikTok.

  • Charli D’Amelio with 73.5 million followers.
  • Addison Rae with 52 million followers.
  • Loren Gray with 45.8 million followers.
  • Baby Ariel with 34.4 million followers.
  • Dixie D’Amelio with 30.6 million followers.
  • Arishfa Khan with 28.4 million followers.