Is SJCAM good camera?

Is SJCAM good camera?

Overall, for the money, there’s no doubt that the SJCAM SJ8 Pro is an excellent camera. When filming in 4K the quality of the footage is excellent in all conditions. Drop the resolution to 1080p, and it does seem to struggle a little with low light. But, in brighter conditions, the quality of Full HD footage ramps up.

Is SJ4000 waterproof?

Dive up to 30 meters (90 feet) with the very sleek and sturdy waterproof case.

Is SJCAM a good company?

The SJCam SJ8 Pro is a decent alternative to the GoPro line, at a slightly lower price. It offers video capture of 4K resolution at 60fps, electronic image stabilization, an assortment of accessories and easy-to-use touch-screen interface, though it does have a few mild downfalls.

What is SJ4000 air?

The black SJ4000 Air is one of SJCAM’s budget action cameras that still delivers QHD+ (close to 4K) video and 16MP photos. Doing away with image stabilization, a touchscreen, and native waterproof capability, the SJ4000 Air focuses on image quality and affordability.

Is SJCAM Chinese company?

SJCAM is one of the leading manufacturers of action cameras. Although, their cameras are also commonly referred to as SJCAM. Being that SJCAM is a Chinese manufacturer who produces action cameras that work very similarly to a GoPro, the brands are often compared.

What SJCAM is best?

The most popular SJCAM of all time is the SJ4000. But since then there have been plenty of other models available for anyone and for any budget.

Does SJ4000 have image stabilization?

Most importantly, the new sj4000+ model has a built in Gyro video stabilization. Because of the Gyro stabilization, this camera is known as SJ4000+ Gyro.

How long does SJ4000 battery last?

between 70 and 90 minutes
The SJCAM Battery for SJ4000, SJ5000, and SJM10 is a 900mAh capacity battery estimated to last between 70 and 90 minutes on average. It charges in-camera through USB, and the charging process is estimated to take 3.5 hours.

Is Sjcam Chinese company?

Is there a fake Sjcam?

The most reliable way to check if your action camera is genuine is to test if its compatible with the SJCAM firmware. There is no chance that a fake camera will work with SJCAM firmware. If it’s not real, it won’t work. If it does, then you made a good choice.

How do I authenticate my Sjcam?

SJCAM Official Support – Please log in to Or click here to get to the SJCAM Authentication Page, and then enter your Security code to check whether your camera is genuine or fake.

Does Sjcam have stabilization?

Video stabilization It is quite encouraging to know that SJCAM finally started to implement stabilization in their products. Obviously even the best image stabilization in the world can not help if you violently shake your camera.

How long do Sjcam batteries last?

How do I know if my Sjcam is real?

you can verify whether your camera is authentic is by connecting to the SJCAM Zone App. The QR code should be on the side of your package and on the back of your user manual. If you are able to connect to the SJCAM Zone App, then your camera is authentic.

Can you use SJCAM as webcam?

The SJ4000 can be used as a Webcam for both Windows and Mac. Simply plug your camera to your computer viaUSB and it will show two options: Mass Storage and PC Camera. and you can access it Choose PC Camera through regular apps that use a camera.

Does Sjcam 4000 support external mic?

The optional SJCAM external Mic for situations when you want to make 100% sure that audio level will be strong enough to accompany your coveted video footage….SJCAM Mini External Microphone for SJ6/SJ7 Camera Microphone.

Compatible With SJCAM SJ6 Legend, SJCAM SJ7 Star, SJCAM SJ360
Maximum SPL NA

Can I use Sjcam while charging?

In fact, you can use the camera while it is plugged in, though it will be a bit of a stress for the battery. If you plan to store them for long periods, remember this: Never empty, but never full. Somewhere around 50% charge is good for long storage.