Is Sentinel Prime Zeta Prime?

Is Sentinel Prime Zeta Prime?

Sentinel Zeta Prime, also known as Zeta Prime, or Sentinel Prime was Optimus Prime’s predecessor as Autobot leader, and the overarching protagonist of War for Cybertron, serving as the anti-heroic main antagonist of the Decepticon campaign.

Who was Prime Before Zeta Prime?

Guardian Prime
Zeta Prime inherited the Matrix of Leadership from Guardian Prime when he was killed during the early days of the war with the Decepticons. His stint as Autobot leader appears to have been a short-lived one, as he died before the end of the war and was succeeded by Sentinel Prime.

Was Sentinel Prime in g1?

This article is a featured article, and considered to be one of the most informative on this wiki. Sentinel Prime is an Autobot leader from the Generation 1 continuity family.

What does g1 Arcee transform into?

pink convertible
Transformers: Generation 1. Arcee is a female Autobot warrior who turns into a pink convertible. She was voiced by Susan Blu.

Is Sentinel Prime Ultra Magnus?

Sentinel Prime is a member of the Cybertron Elite Guard under the command of Ultra Magnus.

Is Rodimus Prime a prime?

In one splinter, Rodimus remained a Prime for many more years. During that time he lost the Matrix to other Autobots and Decepticons. Furthermore, he was Prime when Cybertron was destroyed.

What does Sentinel Prime transform into?

Rosenbauer airport Fire truck
Sentinel Prime transforms into a Rosenbauer airport Fire truck with lights and sounds, he has 2 phrases: “It’s good to see you alive, Optimus.” and, “What has happened to the Allspark.” The voice doesn’t sound like Spock though. It features a some what Stealth Force mode as seen in the picture to the right.

Who is Zeta Prime in Transformers?

Thrust into authority by the death of the previous Matrix bearer, his immediate predecessor Sentinel Prime, Zeta Prime took on the thankless job of heading the Autobot forces in the wake of Decepticon conflicts. After his death, he became a predecessor of Optimus Prime .

Who was the last Prime in the Transformers?

Millions of years ago on Cybertron, Zeta Prime was the last Prime in existence. He commanded the Autobot defenses of Iacon when Megatron attacked Iacon. Megatron encountered Zeta several times via hologram, and later in the Iacon vaults Zeta defended himself within a room he controlled with his will.

When did Transformers come out with Generation 1?

Transformers: Generation 1 (also known as Generation One or G1) is a toy line from 1984 to 1990, produced by Hasbro and Takara.

When did the G1 Transformers reissue come out?

Originally released in 2018 as a Walmart exclusive, we’re delighted to be presenting these G1 Transformers reissues right here on TFSource! As Transformer reissues go, this line carefully matches with the original toy line from the 1980s.