Is Continental contact a good tire?

Is Continental contact a good tire?

The Continental was impressive in the wet-braking test and has a good balance of all-weather performance and tread life. Another Continental PureContact model led the performance all-season V-speed-rated group, followed closely by the Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season. The Continental is an all-around good performer.

Are Continental Pro Contact tires run-flat?

For impressive performance, the tread area optimizes contact with the road to provide impressive stability and handling. The tire also offers run-flat technology that allows you to temporarily continue driving in the event of a flat tire, giving you extra security in the event of a roadside emergency.

How long do continental ContiProContact tires last?

Continental includes either a 60,000 or 80,000 mile tread life warranty depending on the tire’s speed rating. The ContiProContact is one of those tires that offers great performance in some areas, while it underperforms in others.

Is Yokohama or Continental better?

Continental is appealing to the customer looking for comfort and a slight performance and safety edge, whereas Yokohama is appealing to the fuel economy and eco-driven motorist. For the everyday motorist in an urban area we suspect both are safe brands to choose from.

How many miles do Continental run flat tires last?

THE QUICK READ: Run flat tires have evolved to be less expensive, more comfortable on the road and to fit all cars. They are safer than regular tires because they can drive up to 100 miles on a flat.

How do I know if my Continental tire is a run flat?

If you are unsure whether your car is fitted with run flats, they can be easily identified by the symbols on the sidewall of the tyre. Continental developed their SSR (Self-Supporting Runflat) technology for low section tyres, which can fit all standard rims.

How long should Yokohama tires last?

Many models have limited warranties for between 50,000 and 70,000 miles. Some have limited warranty protection for up to 80,000 miles. Its longest-lasting tire is protected for up to 85,000 miles. If you average 10,000 miles per year on a set of Yokohama tires, they could last between five and eight years.

Is Yokohama a good brand?

Yokohama tires are a good choice for many drivers. The company offers a wide range of products, but consumers tend to prefer its performance and all-season models. Yokohama’s tread life warranties are standard, as are its prices. However, a few models are cost-effective alternatives to other big-name brands.

How are Yokohama tires rated?

We rate Yokohama tires 4.0 out of 5.0 stars. We like the company’s wide tire variety and steps toward sustainability. Many Yokohama models are well priced, though tread life warranties are relatively standard and Yokohama customer reviews aren’t as high as other providers we’ve reviewed.

Can Continental run-flat tires be repaired?

A SSR or runflat tyre may be repaired strictly contingent upon thorough inspection carried out by a qualified tyre professional. Continental recommends that SSR or runflat tyres not be repaired if there are any signs that the tyre has been run in an under-inflated condition.

Does Yokohama make run-flat tires?

Yokohama produces a number of models which may come as a Run Flat tyre. This type of tyre is created to ensure that in the event of a puncture or sudden loss of pressure, the tyre continues to perform for a limited period of time – allowing you to get your vehicle to a garage.

How long can you drive on a Continental run-flat tire?

In the event of full pressure loss, limited mobility (no sudden driving maneuver) it is possible to drive for a distance of 50 miles, at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. The run flat distance will be influenced by driving style, speed, type of road, weather conditions, tire condition and vehicle load.

How do I contact Continental?

US Phone Number – 800-847-3349 Updated We are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM ET.

Who makes Yokohama?

The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd.
Yokohama Tire Corporation is the North American manufacturing and marketing arm of Tokyo, Japan-based The Yokohama Rubber Co., Ltd. Since expanding to the United States in 1969, we’ve been an industry leader in tire technology and innovation across the globe.