How old is Tirso Cruz?

How old is Tirso Cruz?

70 years (April 1, 1952)Tirso Cruz III / Age

Who is Tirso Cruz wife?

Lynn Ynchausti CruzTirso Cruz III / Wife (m. 1981)

How is rayver Cruz related to Tirso Cruz?

Some of the most famous Cruzes in showbiz – Donna, Sunshine, Geneva, Sheryl, and Rayver are all cousins – with Tirso Cruz III being their uncle.

Who are Tirso Cruz siblings?

Woody CruzTirso Cruz III / Siblings

How old is Roy Vinson?

68 years (September 20, 1953)Roi Vinzon / Age

How old is John Arcilla?

56 years (June 24, 1966)John Arcilla / Age

How old is Geneva Cruz?

46 years (April 2, 1976)Geneva Cruz / Age

How did Ricky Belmonte died?

StrokeRicky Belmonte / Cause of death
He died on October 3, 2001 in a hospital at Medical Center Parañaque in Parañaque, four days after cerebral hemorrhage caused by a massive stroke, he was 53 and was buried at the La Loma Cemetery in Caloocan.

Who is rayver Cruz mother?

Beth CruzRayver Cruz / Mother

Where is ROI Vinzon now?

After eight years on the GMA Network, actor Roi Vinzon is now on ABS-CBN after being included in the new cast of actors in the sixth season of the longest-running action-drama series FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano. The said series is Vinzon’s first Kapamilya TV series.

What is the age of ROI Vinzon?

Is Jay Arcilla related to John Arcilla?

He is the nephew of the lead actor of Heneral Luna, John Arcilla.

Who is Albert Martinez wife?

Liezl MartinezAlbert Martinez / Wife (m. 1988–2015)

Who is Geneva Cruz husband now?

In August 2013, Cruz got engaged to a Filipino – Australian named Lee Paulsen but later on decided to break off the engagement. On May 10, 2014, Cruz gave birth to a healthy baby girl named London (with her ex fiance), and is currently living in Manila, Philippines, with her.

How old is Donna Cruz?

45 years (February 14, 1977)Donna Cruz / Age

Is Ricky Belmonte still alive?

October 3, 2001Ricky Belmonte / Date of death

What is the age of Sheryl Cruz?

48 years (April 5, 1974)Sheryl Cruz / Age