How much is a Leblanc bass clarinet?

How much is a Leblanc bass clarinet?

$ 2,339 .00
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This item: Leblanc L7168 Student Bass Clarinet $ 2,339 .00 + FREE Shipping Yamaha YCL-650 Professional Bb Clarinet with Silver-plated Keys $ 2,183 .99 + FREE Shipping
Type Bass Soprano
Level Professional Professional
Body Material ABS Composite with Wood-like Finish Grenadilla
Bore 0.945″ Machined

Are Leblanc bass clarinets good?

Bass clarinets are a wonderful, unique instrument. Whether you’re ready to move from a Bb clarinet to bass or you’re taking music lessons from the first time, the bass clarinet is a great choice for adults and kids.

How good are Leblanc clarinets?

If it’s a genuine Leblanc (a pro level wooden clarinet that says ‘Made in France’), then that would be a far better instrument than the Selmer CL211 as Selmer USA are intermediate level clarinets at best. Chris. You may be able to do much better than both. The Leblanc in great shape trumps the Selmer.

Are vintage clarinets worth anything?

It will be highly dependent on the factors mentioned above, but an old or used clarinet with little damage might be valued between $200 and $600. One which is in a not-so-good condition could be priced at no more than $150 to $200, with some having higher prices just due to its brand or the specific model.

Where are Leblanc clarinets made?

With all clarinet production for Leblanc Vito and Bliss clarinets moved to Elkhart, Indiana, a new level of craftsmanship and innovation emerged.

Where are serial numbers on clarinets?

On the clarinet, serial numbers appear on the back of the body of the instrument, on either side of the socket rings where the upper joint meets the lower joint, or close to the bell.

Do you need a low C bass clarinet?

For performing of contemporary music (including musical scores and concert band music) a Low C bass clarinet is necessary.

Is Vito a good clarinet brand?

The Vito is no longer the very best plastic clarinet one can get–the tuning of the Vito 7214 is not as accurate as that of a Yamaha YCL-250 or Buffet B12, and the Vito also comes with a mouthpiece that is not of good quality.

Are Leblanc clarinets wood?

Leblanc CL502 Wood Bb Clarinet.

Is Leblanc still in business?

The company was a woodwind instrument manufacturer known mainly for its clarinets. In 2004 the firm was sold to Conn-Selmer, a division of Steinway Musical Instruments. As a result, Leblanc ceased to exist as an independent operation, becoming a brand.

How do I know what model my clarinet is?

They are commonly placed near the foot joint receiver, or near the top of the body, either on the barrel or near the highest key. On the clarinet, serial numbers appear on the back of the body of the instrument, on either side of the socket rings where the upper joint meets the lower joint, or close to the bell.

How can I tell if my clarinet is an R13?

If there’s no other identifying markings (such as a model number engraved or a small plate attached) then it’s an R13. Author: Jim S. The swoopy RH ring finger sliver key is the easy and positive indicator for the R13 (yes, it will have no other indicator stamped into the body).

How long will a clarinet last?

For professionals that may be true, but for us poor amateurs a good clarinet, well maintained can last for many decades. I’m sure that Harold Wright played as much in 10 years as I have in 50. Swab, clean, lubricate, replace pads, replace key corks, replace tenon corks, adjust keys, swedge, replace springs, etc.

Are Leblanc clarinets still made?

Nowadays, only clarinets are manufactured and sold under the Leblanc brand, offering a range from traditional to bass clarinets to contrabass and contralto clarinets.

Where is the serial number on a bass clarinet?

How do I identify my clarinet?

The Bb are the most common. The easiest way to check is to go to a Piano and play a Bb, and play a middle or low C. (Thumb and all the holes on the upper stack would be your low C). If the notes are the same you have a Bb clarinet.

How do I find the model of my clarinet?

Is LeBlanc a good clarinet brand?

The Leblanc Sonata was an entry-level professional clarinet that was very highly regarded for its quality at a low price. The instrument has an even response and excellent intonation. This is a good instrument for someone just starting on a professional model.

Does bass clarinet have the same fingerings as clarinet?

There are 13 keys and 2 rings on the tube, and the fingering is the same as for the B ♭ clarinet except for the eight highest semitones. The tone is rich and full except for the lowest notes, which are unavoidably a little rough in quality, but much more sonorous than the corresponding notes on the double bassoon.

How do you clean a bass clarinet?

Disassemble the clarinet. Loosen the ligament.

  • Wipe off the reed. When you play your clarinet,you leave saliva on the reed,which leaves behind food particles and creates a moist place for bacterial and fungal
  • Swab the clarinet.
  • Rinse the mouthpiece.
  • Dry the mouthpiece.
  • Wash the swab.
  • What is the correct name for a bass clarinet?

    • A & B Flat Clarinets: Also, more commonly referred to as the ‘soprano’ clarinets, these are the more common forms. The B-flat clarinet is used in the Jazz music composition, and the A-flat dominates the classic music tones.