How much is a Ford Deluxe worth?

How much is a Ford Deluxe worth?

Thanks to the mass production in 1940, the Ford Deluxe models are still widely available. As we were able to see on current auctions, the least expensive one is the Ford Deluxe Sedan, going for the price at around $30,000. The Convertible is probably the most expensive trim currently.

What is the difference between a 1939 Ford standard and deluxe?

The front fenders were different. De Luxe models had the headlamps streamlined into them, while the 1939 Standard fenders echoed those from ’38, with the headlamps standing upright and fared into the fender catwalks. Standard and De Luxe headlamps look similar, but are in fact unique for each model.

How much was a 1939 Ford?

Indeed, only 33,326 examples of the $700 upscale coupe—that price $60 more than the Standard variant, and roughly equivalent to $12,715 today—left dealer showrooms in 1939, a down year when Ford produced just 532,152 cars.

When was the Ford Deluxe made?

Ford Motor Company introduced its De Luxe Ford line in 1938 as an upscale alternative to bridge the gap between its base model (usually called Standard) and luxury Lincoln offerings.

How long is a 1940 Ford Deluxe?

The 1940 Ford Deluxe measures 188.25 inches in length, and has a wheelbase of 112.00 inches.

How much does a 1940 car cost?

A new car back in 1940s was about 800 dollars and a gallon of gas was whooping 18 cents. On average most cars got about 15 to 20 miles per gallon.

How wide is a 1939 Ford coupe?


Length : 179.5 in | 4559 mm.
Height : 68.6 in | 1743 mm.
Wheelbase : 112.0 in | 2845 mm.
Front Track : 55.5 in | 1410 mm.

What year did Ford have hydraulic brakes?

Coerced by competition and public pressure, Ford introduced hydraulic brakes for the first time in 1939.

How much is a 1935 Ford Coupe worth?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Standard Coupe $23,925
Standard Fordor $25,309
Station Wagon $74,250
Three-Window Deluxe Coupe $41,400

How long is a 1940 Ford DeLuxe?

How much did a 1940 Ford coupe cost?


Vehicle: 1940 Ford DeLuxe Coupe
Number Produced: 27,919 (DeLuxe Coupe only)
Original List Price: $721
SCM Valuation: $41,800
Tune Up Cost: $200

What engine was in the 1940 Ford?

ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION From the factory in 1940, the legendary 221-cubic-inch flathead V-8 featured a compression ratio of 6.15:1, with fuel supplied by a Chandler-Groves two-barrel downdraft carburetor. It was rated at 85 horsepower.

What was the most popular car in the 1940s?

Cadillac Series 62 was the quintessential ’40s car, alongside the Buick Super, the Roadmaster and the Oldsmobile 98. All shared the C-body platform and crossed the war years with little changes to their styling.

What engine was in a 1939 Ford coupe?

Displacement : 3622 cc | 221.0 cu in. | 3.6 L….Power.

V 8 90-degree
Bore : 2.6 in | 66 mm.
Stroke : 3.2 in | 81 mm.
Compression : 6.6:1
Main Bearings : 3

What motor was in a 1940 Ford coupe?

Buyers could choose a 136-ci engine with 60 horsepower and 94 foot-pounds of torque, or a larger 221-ci design with 85 horsepower and an impressive 153 ft-lb of torque. Fords of this generation started with mechanical brakes all around.

How much is a 1938 Ford worth?

Vehicle Valuation Analysis

Bodystyles Median Sale
Convertible Coupe $20,900
Convertible Sedan $16,065
Coupe $37,950
Fordor Sedan $12,654

Did Ford make a 1937 3 window coupe?

This ultra-clean 1937 Ford 3-Window Coupe is one heck of an impressive streetrod….The browser you are using is no longer supported!

Rear Wheel Specification 20″
Front Brakes Specification Power Disc
Rear Brakes Specification Power Disc

How much did a 1937 Ford cost?

It was redesigned more thoroughly in 1941. At the start of production, it cost US$850 ($16,022 in 2021 dollars)….1937 Ford.

1937 Ford convertible
Manufacturer Ford
Production 1937–1940

What engine was in the 1940 Ford coupe?