How much is a boat slip in Cape Coral?

How much is a boat slip in Cape Coral?

Boat Slip Rental Rates*

Annual Rate $ 10.00 per foot for Cape Coral residents or $13.00 per foot for Non-Residents + $45-$55 Utilities per month**
Daily Rate: $ 2.00 per foot + $ 4.00 Utilities per day
Monthly Rate: $13.00 per foot + $45-$55 Utilities per month**

How much does it cost to rent a boat slip in Florida?

$12 to $50/ft per year for regular docking slip. $120 to $240/ft per year for prime locations like Florida and Los Angeles.

How much is a boat slip in Fort Myers?


Wet Slips
Transient Daily $3.50/ft/day
Weekly $13.50/ft/week
Long Term Monthly Contract* $22.75/ft/month
Annual Contract* $20.00/ft/month

How much does it cost to dock a boat in Naples Florida?

The current rate for the Naples City dock is $13.00 per foot, the twelfth lowest on a list of fifteen municipal marinas.

How much does a dock cost in Florida?

Boat Dock Prices by Type

Type of Dock Cost
Floating $15 – $35 per square foot
Piling $20 – $40 per square foot
Pipe $1,000 – $10,000 total
Cribe $10,000 – $50,000 total

Can you live on a boat in Fort Myers?

There are 2 live aboard marinas that we know of in Fort Myers, Legacy Harbour Marina and Fort Myers Yacht Basin, but they are near the downtown area which still seemed a bit of a drive to make almost every day.

How much does it cost to live on a boat in the Keys?

Live-aboard Lease Rates are $25.30 per foot monthly plus $43.60 per person monthly live-aboard fee. All Leases require a deposit equal to one month’s rent.

How much does it cost to live at a marina in Florida?

In Florida, monthly slips for a 40-foot sailboat can cost anything from $800 to well over $2,000 per month. You’ll almost certainly pay twice as much in popular vacation cities like Miami Beach or Key West. So do your research, look for private docks to rent, and investigate every marina using satellite pictures.

How much does it cost to dock a boat in Miami?

Wet slip $17.06 per foot, per month. Dry storage $181.50 per month, up to 30 feet. Mooring $211.75 per month, up to 40 feet. Commercial charter boat $605 per month, up to 50 feet.

Do I need a permit for a floating dock in Florida?

A Permit For a Floating Dock To be in line with the law, you need a green light from the Department of Environmental Protection. They delegate upon all activities you’d wish to carry out on, in, or over water surfaces.

Can you legally live on a boat in Florida?

Houseboats are not legally allowed to be in a navigable waterway, channel, or mooring field. You’re also not allowed to stay in a protected area, and you can pay if you do so. However, as long as you’re in a designated liveaboard area and follow the rules, living on a boat in Florida is legal.

What does it cost to live on a boat in Florida?

Can I anchor my boat in the Bahamas?

Holding Ground Most Bahamas anchoring is done in less than 15 feet of water, so 100-120 feet of chain or line should be sufficient. A bow lookout can guide the driver to a nice patch of sand on an otherwise grassy bottom and watch for the telltale cloud as the anchor makes contact.

Are there mooring balls in the Bahamas?

SCYC now operates 21 new moorings in close proximity to our marina. Mooring Balls are offered for daily/nightly rental by the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

Why is boating so expensive?

Boats are mostly hand built requiring much higher labor costs per unit. With such low production numbers, many labor saving technologies are simply not cost effective. Another big reason for high boat prices are the buyers! As much as it is hard to believe, most of us don’t need to own a boat.

Can I dig a pond on my property in Florida?

A permit is required for the construction, alteration, repair, or abandonment of impoundments, dams, or works which impound, drain, or divert water. Farm ponds are regulated by this rule, but not aquaculture or recreation impoundments.

How do I list my Cape Coral&Naples private boat dock?

Listing your Cape Coral & Naples private boat dock or slip takes minutes to complete. Fill out a couple questions, enter its location, add a picture & set your own rates! We successfully market short term dock rentals, long term dock rentals and docks for sale.

Why choose Cape Coral Boat rentals?

Welcome to the original Cape Coral Boat Rentals! We are a family business renting high performance, high quality boats, owned and maintained by our team. Established for nearly two decades, our idyllic location in the southern most part of Cape Coral gives you and your family a short ride to the Gulf.

Is there a market for dock rentals in Cape Coral?

We successfully market short term dock rentals, long term dock rentals and docks for sale. Get started below: Dock Skipper is quickly becoming the go-to resource for booking private boat dockage in the Cape Coral & Naples. Would you like to stay in the loop as new listings are added within this area?