How much HP does Antasma have?

How much HP does Antasma have?

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Mario & Luigi: Dream Team enemy
Antasma (2)
HP 284
Level None
World 900 (100%)

What game is Antasma from?

Antasma is an evil bat king and one of the main antagonists in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. He is an evil bat king who wishes to destroy the Pi’illo Folk. His name comes from the Spanish Fantasma, which means “ghost”, although he is more of a vampire-like creature. He is also the arch-nemesis of Prince Dreambert.

How much health does Antasma X have?

X Bosses

Boss HP Recommended Level (Normal)
Elite Trio X 780 (Corporal Paraplonk X) 468 (Private Goomp X) 1,092 (Sergeant Guy) 2,340 (total) 33
Pi’illodium X 2,742 (body) 282 (wings) 3,024 (total) 40
Antasma X 3,336 45
Battle Medley + Bowser Jr. 4,099 (Bowser Jr.) 512 (Junior Clown Car) 4,611 (total) 50

How strong is Antasma?

Bat form. Flight: Antasma can fly using his purple bat wings. He was strong enough to fly Bowser to Dozing Sands and then up Mount Pajamaja pretty quickly although he was initially worn out by the affair. Sonic Screech: Antasma can unleash a purple coloured sonic screech from his mouth that has one of two effects.

How much health does Bowser dream team have?


Mario & Luigi: Dream Team enemy
Dreamy Bowser
HP 343
Level Jump, Bye-Bye Cannon, Dropchopper, Star Rocket
World 0 (0%)

How do you beat Popple?

After Wiggler is beaten, Popple will then turn on the Bros. and fight them himself. He can attack by running up to either Mario or Luigi and attempting to steal one of their hammers, which can be prevented if the target Bro. promptly smacks Popple with their hammer.

Is Bowser a rookie?

Milo Rodriguez Also Known As Rookie is a boss appearing in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. He is actually Bowser who lost his memory after being shot out of a cannon.

How do you get Woohoo Hooniversity?

Fight past the enemies to find Mario and take the Barrel back to Beanbean Castle. The Queen will revert to her true state, and then Prince Peasley will reveal where Cackletta has gone; Woohoo University! Go east from Beanbean Town, then south twice and then east to find Woohoo University!

How do you beat Shrowser?

In order to defeat Shrowser, the quartet must jump over or hammer back several of the fiery projectiles that he continually spews at them; Bowser himself deflects any and all counterattacks away, causing them to hit the Elder Princess Shroob’s spectral form instead.

How do you beat Popple and rookie?

Popple will use a charging attack (jump on him to dodge and hurt him) as well as come in for a steal (use a Hammer counter). Rookie will throw Hammers of his own at the Mario Brothers, which must be countered with your Hammers as well as remembering how he can breathe fire (jump this attack). Use Bros.

How do you get past the big Koopa in Superstar Saga?

Ankoopa (also known as Turtle) is a fat Koopa Troopa found in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, they can be knocked over by Mario’s Firebrand and having Luigi run into them.

What are the Shroobs saying?

During the game, the language is occasionally shown to players using subtitles in parentheses to clarify; this reveals that the phrase constantly repeated by the Shroobs translates to “Destroy!”

How much HP does Cackletta heart have?

During the final two phases of her second battle, Cackletta uses her soul. She has the following moves: Giant Energy Ball: A meteor will plummet onto a Mario Brother. That Bro….Heart.

HP 1200
Power 100-150
Defense 150
Speed 90