How many episodes are in Metal Fight Beyblade?

How many episodes are in Metal Fight Beyblade?

The remaining 28 episodes were released on seven DVD compilations under the title Metal Fight Beyblade: Battle Bladers (メタルファイト ベイブレード バトルブレーダーズ編, Metarufaito Beiburēdo – Batoruburēdāzu-hen)….Beyblade: Metal Fusion (season 1)

Beyblade: Metal Fusion
No. of episodes 51
Original network TV Tokyo
Original release April 5, 2009 – March 28, 2010

What is the last episode of Beyblade Metal Fusion?

The Bridge to the FutureBeyblade: Metal Fusion / Latest episode

How old is Gingka in Beyblade?

Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop

Gingka Hagane
Birthdate June 12, 1997
Age 12 (Metal Fusion) 13 (Metal Masters) 14 (Metal Fury) 21 (Shogun Steel)
Height About 163cm (About 5′ 4″)
Weight 45kg (100lbs)

Is there a season 2 of Beyblade Metal Fusion?

Ryo, Gingka’s father, acts as Director of the new WBBA but the first tournament is disrupted by a blader named Masamune. Gingka meanwhile is on a quest to replace Storm Pegasus with a Legendary Bey sealed in the mountains near Koma Village.

Who destroyed Storm Pegasus?

In episode 22, It faced off against Flame Libra and Rock Leone, but lost due to the Sonic Buster attack weakening Pegasus’ spin and Libra’s powerful attacks.

How did Gingka get cosmic Pegasus?

Ginga’s father Ryo Hagane raised Ginga to love beyblade and groomed him to become the future owner of his Pegasus 105F.

What happened to Gingka Pegasus?

Kenta starts saying to Gingka that its all his fault that his bey will lose (assuming that he will lose), but Gingka assures him that he will be victorious. Gingka purposely gets his Pegasus knocked into the air and calls out a special move Starblast Attack and came out with a victory against all odds.

Who defeated Gingka?

Gingka won his way to the final three easily, where he had to face Kyoya and a mysterious blader named Yu. Kyoya forfeited the battle after realizing how badly his Leone was damaged, and Gingka was defeated by Yu.

Who has Pegasus Beyblade?

Gingka Hagane
Gingka Hagane, is a Blader with the calmest attitude and a passion for the Beyblade, also for helping out people in need. He shows himself sleeping strangely atop a water tower; awakening to begin the long journey ahead of him and his Storm Pegasus.

What is rock Leone Special Move?

Special Moves: King Lion Tearing Blast : Leone creates 3 tornados that attack the opponent.

Who is Gingka hagane mother?

Obi-Wan Finale – The Loop

Kasumi Kasumi Hagane
Height 5’6
Weight 119 lbs
Team N/A
Family Gingka Hagane – Half Sibling Ryu Hagane – Father Ritsu Yukimara – Mother

Who will Kai marry?

In the Beyblade epilogue, Kai is married to an unknown and unseen woman, with whom he has a son named Gou (Go) Hiwatari, who is seen blading with Makoto, Tyson’s son.