How long is the Beyond: Two Souls demo?

How long is the Beyond: Two Souls demo?

about an hour
The Beyond: Two Souls demo is the same one made available on Epic. It features two chapters – The Experiment and Hunted – that’ll take you about an hour to play through.

How many hours is beyond 2 souls?

10 hours
Beyond: Two Souls, the upcoming narrative-driven title from Heavy Rain developer Quantic Dream, will feature 10 hours worth of gameplay, this according to studio head David Cage during an event at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

What happens if you don’t talk in Beyond: Two Souls?

If you avoid talking, Ryan will pay a consequence and lose his eye. If you speak, the captain will be a little more forgiving (and you’ll earn a separate trophy). Whatever you choose, the commander will leave and the story shifts back to the two arriving at the underwater base from the submarine.

Do you need the app to play Beyond: Two Souls?

Beyond Touch is a free app available now for iOS and Android devices that allows you to play Beyond: Two Souls using either a smartphone or tablet, instead of a DualShock controller.

How old is Jodie Beyond: Two Souls?

– 8 Years Old (1998)

Is Heavy Rain like Detroit become human?

Detroit: Become Human is an action-adventure game for the PlayStation 4 that was released on May 25, 2018. It was written and directed by David Cage and developed by Quantic Dream, who also developed Heavy Rain (to which it bears a resemblance in terms of gameplay and style).

Is Beyond: Two Souls better than Heavy Rain?

Beyond: Two Souls gets so abstract by the end that I didn’t really care about either of its endings, both of which can be viewed by simply choosing a different prompt right at the end so obviously, Heavy Rain has the better endings.

How many endings does Beyond: Two Souls have?

There are 11 endings for Beyond: Two Souls. Although the game is full of choices, the ones that truly matter are tied to the life and death of the people you have met along the way. Below we have a list of all 11. However some people have been able to get the trophy to unlock with fewer endings.

Should I talk during interrogation Beyond: Two Souls?

Trophies. Eye for an Eye – When interrogated by the officer, don’t speak up. Agent 894732 – When interrogated by the officer, speak up. Almost Too Easy – Take control of the General when you exit the sub, using Aiden.

Do you need a controller for Beyond: Two Souls?

(Pocket-lint) – Here’s a fun thing. Rather than using a PS3 controller to play through Beyond: Two Souls you can instead use an Android or iOS device and control the game wirelessly. That’s right: no need for the controller.

Is Aiden Jodie’s brother?

As the story progresses, it is revealed that Aiden is Jodie’s stillborn twin brother. Jodie was delivered safely from her mother’s womb, but her brother was strangled by the umbilical cord. Rather than passing on, his soul became linked to Jodie and remained that way, growing up as if it occupied a physical body.

Who is Zoey in Beyond: Two Souls?

Zoey (born on December 16, 2011) is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls. She is the daughter of an Unnamed Man and Elisa (known as Tuesday). Her mother fled from her abusive boyfriend, to protect herself and Zoey, she is a female friend of Stan, Walter, and Jimmy.

Is beyond two souls connected to Detroit: Become Human?

Beyond: Two Souls is a supernatural affair, wherein the heroine Jodie Holmes is connected to another soul and must prevent the world of the dead and the world of the living from colliding. And, Detroit: Become Human is set in a recognisable future where androids are used in servitude to the human race.

Who is Aiden to Jodie?

What happens if Jodie chooses Beyond?

If Jodie chooses to enter the Beyond, she enters an ethereal world where she can become anything she wants. She describes it as infinite space that she’s only explored a speck of it.

What happens if Jodie chooses beyond?

How many endings does beyond 2 souls have?

What does Duo mean in Beyond: Two Souls?

Quantic Dream has confirmed that Beyond: Two Souls will feature a co-op Dual Mode that will allow a second player to take control of Jodie or Aiden. David Cage, Quantic Dream founder, has revealed gamers will be able to participate in two player co-op when playing through Beyond: Two Souls.