How is the seating at AT stadium?

How is the seating at AT stadium?

80,000AT Stadium / Capacity

How many seats are in each row at AT stadium?

How many seats are in a row at AT Stadium? Flat foor seating sections can have up to 30 seats per row. Main and Club Main Level Sections have up to 40 seats per row. Hall of Fame & Club Hall of Fame sections have up to 33 seats per row.

Where are the best seats in AT stadium?

Field Level Seats: The Field Level Suites may be the best seats at AT Stadium, and are just behind the player benches. The Field Level Suites are on the north and south sides of the stadium. On the north side ( visiting team’s bench), the suites are numbered 1-8 and 24-31.

What are Hall of Fame seats at AT stadium?

AT Stadium Club Seating The 100-level club seats, AKA The Hall of Fame Club are located along the sidelines in sections C106-C115 and C132-C139. These are the premium seats in Jerry’s World, offering the best sightlines. The 200-level club seats, AKA The Main Club are located along the sidelines.

Are club seats worth it at AT stadium?

The Main Level Club seats might have the best views at AT Stadium. These seats are located at an excellent elevation for a football game with each seat less than 35 rows from the field. Combine the elevation with an unobstructed sideline view, and it doesn’t get much better.

What section does Jerry Jones sit at AT stadium?

You can find Jerry Jones in his suite located in the Owner’s Club. On average, Cowboys suites will include 20 tickets and 5 VIP parking passes. However, most suites will have the option to purchase additional tickets and can hold up to 30-40 guests in the luxury box.

How is standing room only at Cowboys Stadium?

A Standing Room Only (SRO) ticket gives Dallas Cowboys fans the chance to participate in the Cowboys game day experience. The Standing Room Only ticket gives fans access to six decks to stand and watch the game from inside AT Stadium. This ticket does not grant access to a physical seat or seat location.

What does stadium Club access mean?

Join the Stadium Club by adding it on to a Full Season or Partial Season Ticket Membership! Buyers will get exclusive access to the Stadium Club, a members-only full-service restaurant and bar. Dishes are complemented by an extensive wine list and scintillating desserts.

What is standing room only at AT stadium?

What is the mezzanine level at AT stadium?

The 300 Level at AT Stadium is also known as the Mezzanine Level. This includes corner sections but does not include the side sections are commonly referred to as Silver Level Seats. Mezzanine Level sections are a good alternative to for fans who want to avoid the higher ticket prices of club seats.

What is standing-room-only at AT stadium?

Are standing room only tickets good?

Some venues issue standing-room-only (or SRO) tickets for a reduced cost since it can become uncomfortable to stand through the course of an event. However, some fans prefer standing-room-only tickets, as the crowds that gather can be more active than people who are sitting down for much of the event.

How much is it for standing room only at the AT stadium?

How much is the Standing Room Only ticket and what is included? Single game Standing Room Only tickets start at $30 and is one of the best price points in the NFL. The Standing Room Only ticket includes access to six decks, public concourses, concession areas and over nine acres of outdoor plaza space.

What is admit 1 to stadium Club?

Reservations are for Stadium Club members only. Your ticket will say ‘Admit 1 to Stadium Club’ if you have club access. There are two seating times, pre-game (approximately two hours prior to first pitch) and in-game (game time).

What is Club Main at AT stadium?

How do standing room only tickets work?

Are mezzanine seats GOOD AT stadium?

Mezzanine Club Seats have the highest elevation among club sections at AT Stadium. But don’t let that discourage you. These seats have excellent sitelines and many of the same amenities as lower level club seats. Each Mezzanine Club section is located along the sideline.

Can you stand anywhere with standing tickets?

This will depend on the event provider’s terms and conditions but yes, general admission tickets usually involve standing for concerts and music festivals. If standing space is provided, it is probably safe to assume that general admission will be for that space.

Are club seats worth it at AT Stadium?

What does Stadium Club access mean?