How do you prepare a training contract?

How do you prepare a training contract?

How to prepare for your training contract

  1. Work in a paralegal role – You will gain legal experience, understand the processes of a law firm and be ahead of the game in terms of experiencing at least one area of law in practice.
  2. Work in a non-legal role – Working in a different sector entirely can be hugely advantageous.

What should a training contract include?

During the training contract, trainees undertake a Professional Skills Course (PSC) that will enable them to become fully qualified solicitors. This is split into three core modules: advocacy and communication skills; client care and professional standards; and financial and business skills.

Do Bclp recruit on a rolling basis?

Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner work on a rolling recruitment basis so we encourage applicants to submit an application early, if you leave applying for the role on the date of the deadline your application maybe overlooked. We do not recruit on a rolling basis for the Manchester and Hong Kong Training Contract.

Can you get fired from a training contract?

A training contract can be terminated only because of serious misconduct, incapacity or the employer going bust. Training contracts often have a cancellation clause (like failing the GDL or LPC) as well. Instances of trainees being fired are rare.

What questions should I ask at the end of a training contract interview?

5 Questions To Ask At Training Contract Interview

  • Does the firm currently have any expansion plans?
  • Do you offer secondments to trainees?
  • What is the process to secure a NQ role?
  • How has the role of a solicitor changed at all in the last five years?
  • Which departments made NQ roles available last year?
  • Top tip.

Is the SQE harder than the LPC?

In contrast, the SQE assessments are more intense. SQE 1 involves two papers, each being over five hours long and made up entirely of single best answer multiple-choice questions (MCQs) on a mixture of LLB/GDL/PGDL black-letter law subjects and on topics very similar to the core practice areas of the LPC.

How do I write a good training contract application?

Tips on how to write a good training contract cover letter:

  1. Keep the introduction brief.
  2. State the reasons you chose this particular law firm.
  3. Explain how your skill set and personality fit with the firm.
  4. End your training contract cover letter with any outstanding information.

What month do training contracts start?

Many firms are happy for you to take a gap year before starting your training contract and a number offer training contracts beginning in March as well as September, but if you do want time out you’ll want to plan for it in advance and use it well, as having unexpected time on your hands can put pressure on your …

Which firms take most fewest trainees from vac schemes?

At the other end of the scale, Withers and Shoosmiths took one-third of their trainees from their vacation schemes over the last three years while Hogan Lovells took 32 per cent….Which firms take most and fewest trainees from vac schemes?

Percentage recruited from vacation scheme in… Mills & Reeve
2013 75
2014 60
2015 88
Three-year average 74.3

Are training contracts hard?

Couple this with a commercial solicitor being a highly respected and handsomely paid career and then add into the mix the fact that the demand for training contracts outstrips the supply of highly talented graduates, and the reality of the matter is that training contracts are difficult to obtain.

Can my boss make me pay for training?

If the contract of employment is silent, an employer would have to show that the employee was provided with documentation or an agreement which specifically related to the training course and which specified their entitlement to make any deductions or recover training costs.

How do you write a personal statement for a training contract?

The first section of your CV should be a personal statement – i.e. a short summary of your key skills, experience and achievements. Due to the volume of applications received by firms, this is the ideal opportunity to sell yourself and show why you would be an ideal candidate for their training programme.

How do you start a cover letter for a training contract?

How to write a training contract cover letter

  1. Explain why you’re writing. The opening line of your cover letter ought to explain why you’re writing it.
  2. Introduce yourself to the recipient.
  3. Explain why you’re applying to that firm.
  4. Explain why they should select you.
  5. Conclude your cover letter.
  6. Proofread your cover letter.

How do you stand out in a training contract interview?

99 Training Contract Interview Tips

  1. Know practice areas.
  2. Know deals.
  3. Pick a commercial awareness topic.
  4. Keep up to date with current affairs.
  5. Review your application.
  6. Expect training contract questions you can’t prepare for.
  7. Set the right tone as soon as you enter the room.
  8. Prepare to be tested… it’s part of the process.

What should I wear to a training contract interview?

Our sources agreed there are three options for women interviewing for training contracts or pupillages: a skirt suit, a trouser suit or a plain dress with a jacket. In every case the jacket has to button up comfortably. If your top and bottoms don’t match, at least make sure colours and fabrics don’t clash.

Do law firms prefer LPC or SQE?

The LPC is a well-established course, containing additional content beyond the SQE syllabus, much prized by law firms. These factors will continue to make the LPC a popular choice with both students and their employers whilst it remains an option to qualify using this route.

Does it matter where you get a training contract?

It is a good idea to do your training contract at a firm that specialises in a sector of law you’re interested in. This will ensure that you sound especially passionate and engaged in your interviews. Even if you only do one seat in the sector, it’s the perfect chance for you to decide if it is truly right for you.

How can a training contract stand out?

What makes a training contract application stand out?

  1. Be authentic. Firms expect training contract applicants to belong to university societies, or demonstrate sporting achievements.
  2. Avoid the avoidable.
  3. Try, try and try again.