How do you marry Julia in Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands?

How do you marry Julia in Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands?

You must have the Husband/Wife bed inside your house, have watched all heart events with the candidate you wish to propose to and the candidate must have a red heart color. Additionally, Mystic Islands must be raised and the Goddess must be spoken to once by throwing a gift into her spring.

How do you get Vaughn in Harvest Moon?

The player must walk from Verdure Island to Sprout Island on a Sunny day from 10am to 2pm. Vaughn at a green heart color or higher, and his blue heart event must be viewed. While walking down the path, the player will bump into Vaughn. He has finished his work for the day and is out enjoying a walk.

How do you get more stamina in Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands?

The only way to increase your Stamina is to ask Charlie to manufacture Goddess, Kappa, and Witch accessories out of the Orichalc you can find in the mine. When you equip the accessories your bars will increase and/or recharge, but it is not permanent.

How long is Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands?


Single-Player Polled Average
Main Story 2 40h
Main + Extras 2 66h 30m
All PlayStyles 4 53h 15m

How do you get a blue feather in Harvest Moon Sunshine Islands?

Once you are ready to marry, buy the Blue Feather from Chen’s shop. It will appear in his Buy Other Items shop category for 1000 G. Even after you are married, Chen will sell Blue Feathers in case you want to spend the time to ship every S-Rank item in the game.

How do you marry in Harvest Moon DS Cute?

Marriage Requirements[edit]

  1. You must buy a Big Bed from the Shopping Channel.
  2. Your potential spouse’s heart level must be red.
  3. You must have already rescued 60 Harvest Sprites, thus letting the Harvest Goddess free.
  4. You must have seen all his heart events.

How do you increase your stamina in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

By eating power berries, you increase your stamina and therefore your ability to work for longer periods of time. You can tell your stamina in Harvest Moon DS by wearing the Truth Bangle accessory in the blue square. It will say how much Stamina and Fatigue you have. There is 100 Stamina Points and 100 Fatigue Points.

How do you restore stamina in harvest town?

Your energy bar will start out with 200 stamina points. You will lose points as you use work on your farm but you can recharge your points by eating food or using the bathrooms in your house.

How do you get married on Harvest Moon DS?

So to recap, you need the following requirements for marriage:

  1. The girl at a red heart color (60,000 Love Points or more)
  2. Own the Big Bed for your house, purchased from the Channel 2 TV Shopping channel (which looks like two beds side-by-side)
  3. Unlock 60 Harvest Sprites or more, and have the Goddess back in her pond.

Can you marry the Harvest Goddess in one world?

To get married in Harvest Moon One World, you have to first sleep and then watch a cutscene with Harvest Goddess. You will see a pop-up to propose to someone based on your confession level. After doing that, there will be a cutscene with a wedding ceremony with the person you chose to marry.

Can you get married in Harvest Moon?

Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town and Harvest Moon: More Friends of Mineral Town offer you the option to get married, like many of the other games in the series. There are certain requirements that must be fulfilled if you wish to marry one of the available bachelorettes or bachelors.

How do you marry the Witch Princess in Harvest Moon?

The Witch Princess is not marriageable in the original North American version of HMDS due to bugs introduced in the localization coding. Witch does not recognize the animals that you have killed off, so that marriage requirement can not be met.

Who is harvest goddess?

Demeter (Greek) – Harvest Goddess responsible for the growing, preserving and harvesting of grain.

How do you get the blue feather in Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life?

Once you have achieved a level of three hearts with one of the lovely ladies, the Harvest Sprites will bestow upon you a Blue Feather, which is to be used on a girl when she reaches four hearts to propose (any earlier and she will get mad while rejecting you).

What happens if you don’t sleep in harvest town?

If you die or pass out in the wild (always sleep before 2:00 A,M,), you will lose coins and random items.

How do you get rich on harvest town?

  1. Orders on the cellphone.
  2. Selling things (dont sell garbage things, they take too much time for little money!)
  3. Go to the bullettin and get quests there.
  4. Quests in general that come in ur quests section.
  5. Search for quest items , some of them give coins when you complete the goal.

Can girls marry girls in Harvest Moon?

Contents. 12.1 You can only marry these girls if you insert Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral into the GBA slot in your DS, and even then they only come once a week. If you marry them your game will end and you will be able to reload your last save file, unmarried.

Can you be a girl in Harvest Moon DS?

In some Harvest Moon games, the player characters can be either male or female – they will never marry each other (except in IoH/SI).

Who is the best to marry in Harvest Moon One World?

Romancing Jamil Or Malika In Harvest Moon: One World If looking only at preferred gifts, Kirsi would be the easiest marriage candidate to romance in Harvest Moon: One World. Her preferred gift is any kind of ore, which gives players numerous options when trying to marry her.