How do you care for a paperbush?

How do you care for a paperbush?

Paperbush thrives in moist, acidic soil that is well-drained and rich in organic matter. Water regularly during summer and fall to ensure the soil remains consistently moist. Avoid moving the bush once it is planted, as it is touchy until well established.

Does edgeworthia need full sun?

To develop the best possible form, E. chrysantha should be grown in full sun. Our curator, Andrew Bunting, also suggests planting edgeworthia close to entryways or pathways, so that its spring fragrance can be best appreciated!

How do you care for edgeworthia Chrysantha?

It is recommended that Edgeworthia are watered regularly during active growth and whilst young. Mature plants will require less watering until periods of dry weather emerge. It may be necessary to prune your shrubs to control growth and to remove dead or broken branches.

When should you plant edgeworthia?

Since it is a deciduous shrub, it is best to transplant during the dormant period (early spring and late fall). Water the shrub for about 3 to 4 days before moving its root ball. In the meanwhile, dig a new hole, twice the size of the root ball. Use a spade for digging and make sure the soil is moist.

Is paperbush an evergreen?

Edgeworthia (Paperbush) are deciduous or evergreen shrubs boasting unique flowers held in golf-ball sized clusters that hang like little bouquets on the branches. Blooming in late winter to early spring, the blossoms exude a sweet fragrance similar to Daphne, and remain open over a long period, at least 4-6 weeks.

Can edgeworthia grow in pots?

If grown in pots in the greenhouse they need plenty of water during the growing season but need to be kept on the dry side over winter until the flowers appear. As greenhouse plants we have problems which need monitoring with both white fly and red spider mites on the leaves.

Can edgeworthia be pruned?

Edgeworthia thrives in moist, well-drained soil and part shade to full sun. Reaching 4 to 6 feet tall by the same in width, this shrub can easily be lightly pruned to maintain shape and size.

Is edgeworthia invasive?

There is no fall color. Paper bush spreads by rhizomes, but isn’t invasive, and generally forms a dense, slowly expanding clump of long, pliable stems. Cuttings root easily in moist soil.

How big does edgeworthia grow?

Edgeworthia chrysantha, commonly called paperbush or edgeworthia, is a deciduous suckering shrub that typically grows to 4-6′ tall and as wide. It is native to woodland areas in the Himalayas and China.

Can edgeworthia grow in shade?

Most sources say that edgeworthia grows in light to partial shade and requires moist, fertile, well-drained organic soil with supplemental water in summer.

How big does a paperbush get?

Edgeworthia chrysantha, commonly called paperbush or edgeworthia, is a deciduous suckering shrub that typically grows to 4-6′ tall and as wide.

Can you grow edgeworthia in a container?

Despite the remarkable variety of gardening myths about its requirements, Edgeworthia is very hardy and easy to grow in garden beds and containers.

Are edgeworthia Hardy?

Although hardy to -5C (23F), Edgeworthia benefits from a sheltered position prevent frost damage to the flowers. Feed and water regularly throughout the growing season while young plants become established.

What does edgeworthia smell like?

Like those of Daphne, its blossoms are clustered. Lemon yellow upon opening, they soften to a creamy custard, which some say also describes their fragrance: warm, rich and lightly sweet in the spring. I am reminded of a soft gardenia fragrance when warm temperatures hug the blooms.

How big does edgeworthia get?