How do I set up GoDaddy email on my iPhone?

How do I set up GoDaddy email on my iPhone?

Open your iPhone or iPad’s Settings. Tap Mail > Accounts. (Depending on your iOS version, you might need to tap Passwords & Accounts.) Tap Add Account….Add my Professional Email to Mail on iPhone or iPad

  1. Intro.
  2. Create email.
  3. Add recovery email.
  4. Sign in to Webmail.
  5. Add to desktop/mobile.
  6. Send email.
  7. What’s next?

Why is my GoDaddy email not working on my iPhone?

If you have tried to set up your GoDaddy work email on your iPhone and you are having problems, try resetting the password on your GoDaddy account. After resetting your password, clear out any existing information you may have in your current fields and enter the new information.

Is GoDaddy email IMAP or POP?

Godaddy supports IMAP / SMTP You can check your emails using other email programs (like Mailbird, Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird).

What is the IMAP server for GoDaddy?

IMAP server:

How do I setup my GoDaddy email on my iPhone 2021?


  1. Go to Settings.
  2. On the Settings screen, tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.
  3. Tap Add Account.
  4. Tap Other.
  5. Tap Add Mail Account.
  6. Enter your Name, FULL email Address, Password, and a short Description for your email.
  7. If you have IMAP, tap IMAP. or Tap POP if you’re not sure you’re enabled!

How do I setup my GoDaddy email on my phone?

Android: Set up email

  1. Open your email application.
  2. If you haven’t set up an account, yet, skip to the next step. If you have already set up another account:
  3. Tap Others.
  4. Enter your Email address, and Password.
  5. Tap Next.
  6. Tap IMAP Account.
  7. Complete, or confirm, the following fields:
  8. Tap Next.

Where is SMTP server on iPhone?

SMTP settings for iPhone

  1. Tap “Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars”.
  2. Tap the email account from which you want to send messages (or add a new one if it’s the case).
  3. Tap “SMTP” under “Outgoing Mail Server”, and then “Add Server…” This window will appear:
  4. Enter all the needed settings:

How do I change my GoDaddy email from POP to IMAP?

To switch your email from POP to IMAP settings, update your account type in your email client or set up the account using IMAP. The account type can’t be changed for some clients, including Apple Mail, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2016, and Thunderbird.

What is SMTP server for GoDaddy email?

SMTP: / Port: 587.

What are the pop settings for GoDaddy email?

Under Email Server Settings, you’ll see the Incoming server (POP3) and the Outgoing server (SMTP) settings….Use POP settings to add my Workspace Email to a client.

Server SSL port (secure) 995 465

How do I set up GoDaddy email on my iPhone 11?

How do I add my GoDaddy email to my iPhone outlook?

Then you can send and receive business emails from your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Tap Menu >
  3. Tap Add Mail Account > Add Email Account.
  4. Enter your Workspace Email address and tap Add Account.
  5. Enter your:
  6. Tap Sign In, Outlook for iPhone auto-discovers your email account settings and loads your email.

How do I set up GoDaddy email on Outlook Mobile?

Outlook app on Android: Set up email

  1. Download, install, and open the Outlook app.
  2. If you haven’t already set up an account, tap Get started.
  3. Enter your Business Email address, and tap Continue.
  4. The Outlook app may have you select the type of email.
  5. Your Email Address should be pre-filled.
  6. Enter the following details:

What is my IMAP server iPhone?

iPhone (Apple mail)

  1. Select the email account you want to connect to HubSpot.
  2. Under IMAP, select Account.
  3. This will display your incoming (IMAP) and outgoing (SMTP) mail server information to use in HubSpot.

What is IMAP path prefix on iPhone?

The IMAP Path Prefix is a setting entered into your email software settings that tell the software that it should synchronise ALL of the folders currently active on the server with the device. It is a commonly used setting that when specified, ensures that all folders are effectively synchronised.

Where are GoDaddy SMTP settings?

Sign in to the Email Setup Center with your Workspace Email address and password. Under Email Server Settings, you’ll see the Incoming server (IMAP) and the Outgoing server (SMTP) settings.

How do I find my GoDaddy SMTP server?

Sign in to Webmail. Use your Workspace Email address and password (your GoDaddy username and password won’t work here). Select Tools > Email Setup Center. You’ll see your incoming and outgoing server settings.

How do I set up IMAP on my iPhone for Outlook?

I want to set up an IMAP or POP account.

  1. In Outlook for iOS, go to Settings > Add Account > Add Email Account.
  2. Enter email address. Tap Add Account.
  3. If you see the Select your email provider screen, choose IMAP.
  4. Enter your password and toggle on Use Advanced Settings.
  5. Enter the server setting information needed.

How do I add my GoDaddy email to my iPhone Outlook?

Does iPhone use IMAP or POP?

iCloud Mail uses the IMAP and SMTP standards supported by most modern email client apps. iCloud Mail does not support POP.