How do I program my Lutron RadioRA 2?

How do I program my Lutron RadioRA 2?

To set up a RadioRA® 2 system, components must be added to the Main Repeater. First, add Auxiliary Repeater(s)*; then add all other system devices. Press and hold the Add button on the Main Repeater for 3 seconds until the green Add LED begins to rapid-flash (ten times per second) and the Repeater beeps.

How many time clock modes can run at any point in time Lutron?

“Timeclock” buttons are used to set a different mode for the timeclock for a variety of purposes, such as holidays, parties, or going on a vacation. Status LED will be ON when the assigned timeclock mode is active. (only one mode can be active at a time).

How do I reset my Lutron Radiora 2 switch?

Step 1: Quickly triple tap and hold the Test or Light button on the Sensor. DO NOT release after third tap. Step 2: Keep the button pressed after the third tap for a few seconds until the dome LED begins to flash slowly (approximately once per second). The Sensor has now been returned to Factory Default Settings.

Can I install RA2 select myself?

The short answer is yes, RA2 SELECT is meant to be a customer programmed system. You can do the electrical part yourself too if you know how; however, much as it is with Caseta, a lot of customers hire an electrician to install the devices and they’ll do the programming themselves.

What is the difference between RA2 and RA2 Select?

The other major difference between RadioRA2 and RA2 select is how you program it. With RadioRA2 you must use the Essentials (or Inclusive) software that runs on a PC to setup and program your Lutron system. With RA2 Select, you use a mobile app — the same app used for Caséta.

Does Lutron have an app?

Lutron has been the most reliable. The app has a good layout, is easy to set up, and makes it easy to keep each device organized and labeled so you know what you are trying to control.

What software is used to program a RA2 Select system?

RA2 Select main repeater and the Lutron App The RA2 Select main repeater allows for setup, control, integration and monitoring of in-line dimmers and switches, Pico scene keypads, and wireless blinds from a smartphone or tablet using the Lutron App.

What software is used to program a Ra2 Select system?

How many devices can you have on Lutron Ra2?

200 device
You can use the existing wiring to install the majority of RadioRA 2 devices. Coverage: RF coverage for up to 7,500 sq. ft. of space, with a 200 device system limit.

What apps work with Lutron?

Voice Control

  • Amazon Alexa. Alexa will get the lights for you.
  • Apple HomeKit. The Smart Bridge contains Apple HomeKit technology, so you can use Siri® to control your lights, shades, and more!
  • Google Assistant.
  • Apple Watch.

Can you use Lutron App without bridge?

Lutron Caseta wall switches, dimmers, and remotes can function properly without the Smart Bridge. All previously scheduled settings also continue to work. The Smart Bridge is only required to set up Lutron Caseta products and to use the Lutron app or a smart home assistant to control them.