How do I get to Wailua Falls Kauai?

How do I get to Wailua Falls Kauai?

To get there, head north from Lihue and follow Maalo Road in Hanamaulu. Travel uphill for about 3 miles. If you visit in the mornings, you may be treated to a rainbow as the sunlight meets the mist of the falls, which makes for an amazing photo opportunity.

Is Wailua Falls worth seeing?

The Wailua Falls are awesome and are featured in the opening of the original Fantasy Island. The view is easy from high above on the road. There are signs prohibiting going down to the bottom of the falls but, like in so many things, it was not obeyed by tourists. The parking for the falls is free but limited.

How much does it cost to go to Wailua Falls?

DIAMOND HEAD STATE MONUMENT – As of July 18th, 2022 reservations could be made up to 30-days in advance for out-of-state visitors and PUC….Wailua River State Park.

Hours Daily 7:00am to 6:45pm
Entrance Fee None
Park Brochure Poliʻahu Heiau Hikinaakala Heiau

How long does it take to hike Wailua Falls?

The trail is approximately a third of a mile long but the crux of the trail is down a very steep and slippery slope. Hikers must hold on to roots, limbs and handy ropes (if present) to safely navigate the slope. The trail can be completed in about 15-20 minutes (each way).

Can you swim in Wailua Falls Kauai?

You can swim in Wailua Falls and it will definitely be refreshing as the water is freezing.

Can you drive up to Wailua Falls?

The road leading to Wailua Falls is located right after mile marker one on Hwy. 56 you’ll notice a road on your left- Maalo Road/Hwy. 583- accompanied by a sign pointing you in the direction of the falls. Take the short drive up to this road, which will end at a parking lot overlooking the falls.

Can u swim in Wailua Falls?

Can you see Wailua Falls without hiking?

Opaekaa Falls Like Wailua Falls, this majestic site is easily accessible and requires no hiking. Simply turn up Kuamoo Road (580) from highway 56 and travel up the hill to the lookout that is located adjacent to the parking lot on the right hand side.

Are there sharks in Wailua River?

The ones you have to worry about are the Tiger, Grey, Whitetip and Blacktip Reef sharks. Very few fatal attacks, mostly just curiosity bites, but those are bad enough. 4. Re: Are there Bull sharks in the Wailua River?

Can you drive to Wailua Falls Kauai?

Wailua Falls, with its three spectacular segments, is one of the few that you can drive to making it accessible for all. You may see people at the bottom of the falls where the water drops into a 30 foot deep pool. It’s a treacherous hike and the trail is officially closed.

Can you drive to Wailua Falls?

Are there alligators in Kauai?

Alligators are not native to Hawaii, and can therefore not be found in the natural surroundings of the island.

Are mosquitoes a problem on Kauaʻi?

Are there dangerous critters on Kauai? There are no snakes in Hawaii. We do however have the mosquito that can be annoying, so use repellent when needed. We do have centipedes, but they are rarely seen.

Do snakes live on Kauai?

Are mosquitoes a problem on Kauai?

What should you not say to a Hawaiian?

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  • Ask us if you need a passport to visit Hawaii.
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  • Littering is okay.
  • Everyone from Hawaii is actually Hawaiian.
  • Define “cold” for us.