How do I get Sound to work on ClickShare?

How do I get Sound to work on ClickShare?

Click the Speaker icon (3). The Sound window opens. If the ClickShare Speaker is not present, then this means the “enable audio” (see bullet 3) is disabled in the Configurator or that the configuration has not yet been transmitted to the Button. Please enable this option and pair your Button.

Does ClickShare send audio?

ClickShare CSE-200. ClickShare CSE-200+ ClickShare CSE-800….Changing the default audio output.

Model Where to find
CX-50* Display & Audio > Outputs output
CS-100(Huddle) & CSE-200 Display & Audio > Display & Audio Audio output

Does ClickShare have a microphone?

ClickShare PresentSense™ uses your devices’ microphone in order to detect the ultrasound signal emitted by the ClickShare Base Unit. This enables you to walk into the meeting room and connect in an instant.

How do I connect my laptop to ClickShare?

Android devices (4.2 Jelly Bean or higher)

  1. Locate the room’s audiovisual (AV) touch panel and select ‘POWER ON’.
  2. Select the ‘Click Share’ button at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Connect to the ClickShare wifi network.
  4. Enter ‘clickshare’ as the wifi password.
  5. Open ‘Settings’.
  6. Select ‘Displays’> ‘Cast Screen’.

Does ClickShare work with projectors?

As soon as a ClickShare Button is plugged into the laptop and the Client connecting to the Base Unit, the Base Unit will restore the video output signal to the display or projector, showing a welcome message or introduction screen.

How do you use ClickShare CS-100?

ClickShare CS-100. ClickShare CS-100 Huddle….The meeting room is NOT on the same network as your device

  1. Connect your device to the ClickShare Base Unit Wi-Fi. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi;
  2. Open the app, your device is connected to the meeting room display.
  3. Start sharing the content from your devices to the ClickShare Base Unit.

How do I open ClickShare configurator?

How to access the ClickShare Configurator

  1. Connect your PC or Mac to the ClickShare Base Unit.
  2. Use either a Wired or Wireless IP – the choice is yours.
  3. Log in using your admin username and password.
  4. You are connected!

How do I connect my Barco ClickShare to my TV?

Set up your ClickShare Button

  1. plug the Button into the Unit. (When you want to pair a USB-C Button, you need a USB-A adapter)
  2. Wait until the LED strip stops flashing.
  3. Finally unplug the Button.
  4. It’s now ready for use.

Can you extend display with ClickShare?

Enable ClickShare as your Extended desktop: Click the ‘quick button’ top right in the ClickShare application, and toggle the “Extended desktop” option in the menu. Click the virtual Button (white ring) to share your virtual extended desktop to the meeting room screen.

How do I connect my Barco to my TV?

Can you plug a webcam into a ClickShare?

So yes, a ClickShare device can connect and work alongside a webcam.

Can you plug a camera into a ClickShare?

This means you can use the room camera, room speakerphone, and microphone by just plugging in the ClickShare Button in your personal Teams, Webex, Zoom, call.

How do I access my ClickShare web interface?

Connecting to Base Unit’s Web Configurator point via Wi-Fi

  1. Connect to your Base Unit WiFi (or SSID)
  2. Enter the password (default is clickshare)
  3. Open the web browser (e.g. Google Chrome) on your laptop and enter the default IP address
  4. Enter the login credentials, accept EULA and click OK.

What is ClickShare configurator?

ClickShare Configurator is a web-based tool that allows you to access and manage your ClickShare Base Unit settings.

Does ClickShare work with teams?

We’ve designed the ClickShare Conference range to work seamlessly with UC solutions like Microsoft Teams, your preferred UC solution.

How do I use ClickShare on Mac?

Important Notes:

  1. Connect dongle to Mac device.
  2. Click on Clickshare App when it appears on desktop.
  3. Go to System Preferences => Security and Privacy => Privacy scroll down to screen recording and select.
  4. Tick the box that says Clickshare.
  5. Unplug the dongle from the device.
  6. Replug the dongle into the device.

How do I use ClickShare without a dongle?

The ClickShare Button, straightforward and simple Plug the USB device (either USB-A or USB-C) into your laptop, start the application and click the Button. In seconds, you are ready to share your content using the meeting room’s AV equipment.