How do I find the latest modified stored procedure in SQL?

How do I find the latest modified stored procedure in SQL?

You can use sys.proceedures to find the date of the most recent modification for stored procedures;

  1. SELECT [name], create_date, modify_date.
  2. FROM sys.procedures.

How can check stored procedure history modification in SQL Server?

Accessing the log file in SQL Server Profiler

  1. Open the desired log file with SQL Server Profiler.
  2. You can see the stored procedure name in the ObjectName column and the name of the user who modified the stored procedure name in the LoginName column.

How do I get the last modified function in SQL?

SQL server: List out last modified procedures and functions

  1. FN – Scalar valued function.
  2. V – View.
  3. P – Stored Procedure.
  4. U – Table.
  5. TF – Table valued function.

How do I view a stored procedure history in SQL Server?

To view the results you can use 2 methods:

  1. Right click on Server Audit object and click on “View Audit Log”:
  2. Query the audit files directly to limit the number of columns/rows or to filter by the stored procedure name:

How do you see the last time a stored procedure was executed?

The type_desc column includes the object type while the execution_count column shows the number of times the stored procedure has been executed since it was last compiled. This can be useful information when researching performance issues.

How do you check when a stored procedure was last compiled?


How do I find the last modified column in SQL Server?

Solution. Using a SQL Server trigger to check if a column is updated, there are two ways this can be done; one is to use the function update() and the other is to use columns_updated().

How can I tell when a SQL Server table was last modified?

The query: SELECT name AS TableName, create_date AS CreatedDate, modify_date as ModifyDate FROM sys. tables order by ModifyDate; …will tell me the last time a table was created and modified (from a DDL perspective).

How do I find the last execution of a stored procedure in SQL Server?

How do you check when a stored procedure was last modified in Oracle?

Here’s one way: SELECT owner , object_name , last_ddl_time FROM all_objects — or dba_objects, if you have privileges WHERE object_type IN (‘PROCEDURE’) ORDER BY last_ddl_time ; You can’t modify procedures; all you can do is CREATE or REPLACE them.

What is date last modified?

The “Last Time Modified” date refers to the last time a document or media file was modified. This information is gathered from metadata within the document or from the website’s servers.

What is Rowversion in SQL Server?

rowversion is generally used as a mechanism for version-stamping table rows. The storage size is 8 bytes. The rowversion data type is just an incrementing number and does not preserve a date or a time. To record a date or time, use a datetime2 data type.

How do you see when a stored procedure was last executed?

How can I tell when a stored procedure was last ran?

Last Execution Date Time of a Stored Procedure

  1. USE DBName.
  2. GO.
  3. SELECT., PS.last_execution_time.
  4. FROM. sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats PS.
  5. INNER JOIN sys.objects O.
  6. ON O.[object_id] = PS.[object_id]

How do you find the last modified date of a table in Oracle?

If you want to find, when a table was last modified like insert,update ,delete, then use the dictionary table dba_tab_modifications.

How can I tell when a SQL Server database was last modified?

How to determine the last modified date of tables in SQL Server…

  1. t.[name] AS [UserTableName], [create_date] AS [CreatedDate], [modify_date] AS [ModifiedDate]
  2. t.[name] AS [UserTableName], [create_date] AS [CreatedDate], [modify_date] AS [ModifiedDate]
  3. t.[name] AS [UserTableName], [create_date] AS [CreatedDate],

How can I tell when a file was last modified?

How to check who last modified a file in Windows?

  1. Start → Administrative tools → Local security policy snap-in.
  2. Expand Local policy → Audit policy.
  3. Go to Audit object access.
  4. Select Success/Failure (as needed).
  5. Confirm your selections and click ok.

Why is Rowversion used?

You can use the rowversion column of a row to easily determine whether an update statement has been run against the row since the last time it was read. If an update statement is run against the row, the rowversion value is updated.

What is @@ DBTS?

@@DBTS returns the last-used timestamp value of the current database. An insert or update of a row with a timestamp column generates a new timestamp value.

How can you tell who modified a table in SQL Server?

In order to find out who update the table, you could try with below options:

  1. Try and read the Transaction Logs to see what happened.
  2. Start trace in SQL Server profiler and checked events(TSQL-SQL:BatchCompleted,SQL:BatchStarting,SQL:StmtCompleted and SQL:StmtStarting)(Recommended).