How do I convert MATLAB code to PDF?

How do I convert MATLAB code to PDF?

How to Convert MATLAB to a PDF

  1. Click “Start,” “All Programs” and “MATLAB” to launch the program.
  2. Click the “File” button on the top left of the screen, then click “Open…”
  3. Select the MATLAB file you would like to convert to PDF.
  4. Click the “File” button, then click “Export…”

How do I convert MATLAB to PDF on Mac?

MATLAB does not support native printing in Mac OS X. To work around this issue, the ‘Print to File’ option in the Print Dialog can be used. This will save the file in Post Script format. By default in OS X, a PS file is opened; it is automatically converted to a PDF by Preview.

How do I export MATLAB code?

On the Publish tab, click Publish. By default, MATLAB creates a subfolder named html , which contains an HTML file and files for each graphic that your code creates. The HTML file includes the code, formatted comments, and output.

How do I publish an M file as a PDF?

Keep in mind that the default is to publish an “html” file.

  1. Within the command window in MATLAB, on the command line type publish(‘exampleFile.m’, ‘pdf’)
  2. Within installed version of MATLAB: under the “Publish” tab, click on the arrow under the “Publish” button on the toolbar and choose “Edit Publishing Options…”

How do I save MATLAB command window as PDF?

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  1. Undock the Command Window from the MATLAB desktop (if it is already undocked, then skip this step).
  2. Navigate to File->Print.
  3. When the Print dialog window opens. Check the ‘Print to File’ checkbox and select Adobe PDF as the printer of choice from the drop down menu.
  4. Select Print.

How do I export MATLAB code to Word?

One method is:

  1. Select the matlab figure window;
  2. From the picture window menu, select copy;
  3. Switch-to or open the Word document;
  4. Select paste.

How do I Export MATLAB code to Word?

How do I save a MATLAB live script as a PDF?

Export the live script or function to a standard format. Available formats include PDF, Microsoft Word, HTML, and LaTeX. To export your live script or function to one of these formats, on the Live Editor tab, select Export and then select a format.

How do I save MATLAB Command Window as PDF?

How do you print results in MATLAB?

How do I print (output) in Matlab?

  1. Type the name of a variable without a trailing semi-colon.
  2. Use the “disp” function.
  3. Use the “fprintf” function, which accepts a C printf-style formatting string.

Can you save a MATLAB command window?

To save the contents of the command window in MATLAB, you can use the diary command. The diary command saves the contents of the command window in a specified file; if no file is specified, a file name diary will be used.

How do I publish MATLAB code to Word?

Generate View of MATLAB Script in Microsoft Word Format Generate a Microsoft® Word view of a MATLAB script including the code, results, and comments. Copy the example file fourier_demo2. m to your current folder. Use the publish function to generate a Microsoft Word view of the example.

Can you share a MATLAB script?

In MATLAB® Drive™ online, you can share and collaborate with others using a shared folder, by sending them either a personal invitation or a view-only link.

How do I save a plot in MATLAB?

Save the chart to a file by hovering over the export button in the axes toolbar and selecting the first item in the drop-down list. MATLAB displays the Save As dialog box with the file type options.

What is fprintf in MATLAB?

The fprintf function allows you to “write” information to the screen for the user to view. This very important when user interaction is involved. The ‘f’ in printf stands for formatted. This means you can “format” how the data is printed in such a manner as to make it easy to read.

How do I share a MATLAB script?

To send an invitation: Right-click the folder and select Share > Invite Members. If you have already shared the folder by personal invitation, select Manage Members instead. In MATLAB Drive online, you also can click the Share button and select from the available options.

How do I save a live script as a PDF?

How do I email a MATLAB script?

To send an email from MATLAB®, use the sendmail function. You can also attach files to an email, which lets you mail files directly from MATLAB. To use sendmail , set up your email address and your SMTP server information with the setpref function.

How do I save a MATLAB figure as a JPEG?

To save the current figure, specify fig as gcf . saveas( fig , filename , formattype ) creates the file using the specified file format, formattype .

How do I save a MATLAB image as a JPEG?

Use the imsave function to create a Save Image tool that displays an interactive file chooser dialog box. Use this dialog box to navigate your file system to determine where to save the image file and specify the name of the file.