How do I contact human right in Abuja?

How do I contact human right in Abuja?


  1. Address: No 19 Aguyi Ironsi Street, Maitama. PMB 444 Garki, Abuja.
  2. Mobile: 08006472428 (Toll Free), 092903746, 092908829, 09032192577, 07041678566, 07053529460, 09088864332.
  3. Webpage:

How do I contact human rights in Nigeria?

  1. Come Visit Us. No 19 Aguiyi Ironsi Street, Maitama.
  2. Contact NHRC. Phone: 08006472428 (Toll Free), 092903746, 092908829, 09032192577. Email: [email protected].
  3. Opening Hours. Monday – Friday: 8 AM – 4 PM.

Under which ministry is NHRC?

the Ministry of Home Affairs
Under Section 19 of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993, the NHRC then called for a report from the Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

How do I lodge a complaint in Human Rights Commission?

(1) Where a complainant is unsure if they can lodge a complaint they should contact the Commission by phone on +27 11 877 3600 or by email to [email protected]. A complainant can also visit any of the nine Provincial Offices of the Commission.

How do I complain to the National Human Rights Commission?

All complaint should be addressed to the Executive Secretary, National Human Rights Commission and sent to any of our offices (see addresses). Complaints may be made in writing or orally to the National Office of the Commission or to a representative of the Commission at the Zonal or other offices of the Commission.

How do I report someone to human rights?

You can—and should—report human rights abuses. Even if they are not prosecuted, publicity or the prospect of an investigation can have a restraining effect on the perpetrators….Organizations to report to:

  1. Amnesty International.
  2. Human Rights Action Center.
  3. Human Rights Watch.
  4. Children’s Defense Fund.
  5. Other organizations.

Which department should I approach if my human rights are violated?

The required answer is- The human rights commission. Explanation: If human rights have been violated, the human rights commission is the organization or department to contact.

Where do you report human rights violations?

You can—and should—report human rights abuses….Organizations to report to:

  • Amnesty International.
  • Human Rights Action Center.
  • Human Rights Watch.
  • Children’s Defense Fund.
  • Other organizations.

How do I lodge a complaint with the Human Rights Commission?

How do you raise a complaint in human rights?

Contact Us

  3. Phone: 080-22392200 Fax:080-22392207/206 E-Mail: [email protected].

Where to go if your human rights are violated?

If your rights have been violated by the police, you should contact the Independent Police Investigative Directorate. IPID will investigate only the matters specified in the IPID Act, for more information please read the complaint procedure.

Where do I report human rights violations?