How do I change the code on my digital home safe?

How do I change the code on my digital home safe?

Instructions for an Electronic Digital Safe

  1. Enter your code on the keypad located on the front of the safe.
  2. Turn the handle to the right within five seconds of correctly entering the code.
  3. Open the safe with a key.
  4. Enter your code to open the safe.
  5. Place the electronic digital safe into code reset mode.

How do I reset my Argos safe?

Remove and retain the white cap covering the red reset button (located at the back of the door, see Dia 2 & Dia 3) Press red reset button once Press ‘159159’ on the keypad as a code Press ‘B’ once The PIN code has now been set to ‘159159’. Replace the white cap over the reset button (for security reasons).

How do I use safe override key?

OPENING THE SAFE USING THE OVERRIDE KEY Remove the plastic key lock cover (dia 1) • Insert the override key; turn it anti-clockwise, at the same time • turn the locking knob clockwise and pull open the safe.

Do safes have a master code?

Not so Safe Safes Most hotels will set their own master code when the safes are installed but, unfortunately, there are some who don’t bother or forget or didn’t know they needed to do that, so end up staying with the default code which is usually something really simple like 9999, or 000000, or 1111.

Can a digital safe be broken into?

Not all digital safes can be unlocked through a reset button. If your digital safe can’t be unlocked using a reset button, then the burglar will have to resort to brute force to open the safe. If the safe is made from thick steel, the burglar won’t be able to crack open the safe.

How do you open electronic safe when the batteries are dead Sentry Safe?

  1. If battery is low and unable to operate open, use Battery Auxiliary Override.
  2. This should not be used as a primary means of gaining entry into safe.
  3. Open the silicone cap found on the side of the electronic lock.
  4. Insert a 9 volt battery into slot.
  5. If attached properly, you will get 3 chirps from electronic lock.

How do you change a dead battery on a safe?

Put battery hold back into safe. Slide cover back into place….Find it here.

  1. Remove battery compartment from inside door.
  2. Insert 4-batteries as indicated (Do not use rechargeable, or Non-Alkaline. Do not mix old with new batteries or mix brands of batteries).
  3. Replace battery compartment.

How does a digital home safe work?

A digital home safe can keep your precious small items and important documents safe in case of a break-in or disaster such as an earthquake or fire. Inside, you see a hole to insert the manual override key. Remove the battery cover located on the inside of the safe door.

How to create a new combination on a digital home safe?

When using this model of digital home safe, you will be able to create a new combination by following the operating instructions for the device. Remove the plastic lock cover on the front of the safe. Inside, you see a hole to insert the manual override key. Insert this key and turn it to the left while pulling the safe handle to the right.

How do I open the safe for the first time?

Operating the safe for the first time 1. Remove the 2 manual override keys and keep them in a secure location. The keys are packed in the plastic bag attached to the outside of the door. 2. To open the safe for the first time enter factory preset PIN (159B) 3. With green LED on, turn the doorknob clockwise and open the door.

Where do I find the Safe/Lock number?

The safe/lock number is imprinted on the lock and key. (See Dia 3) Securing your Safe You may wish to secure your safe to a fixed part of the house (i.e. a steel panel or wooden beam). This can be achieved by using the four bolts supplied. Insert the bolts through the 4 pre-made holes on the back or bottom of the safe.