How can I get result from two tables in SQL?

How can I get result from two tables in SQL?

In SQL, to fetch data from multiple tables, the join operator is used. The join operator adds or removes rows in the virtual table that is used by SQL server to process data before the other steps of the query consume the data.

How can I put two table data in one query?

From multiple tables To retrieve information from more than one table, you need to join those tables together. This can be done using JOIN methods, or you can use a second SELECT statement inside your main SELECT query—a subquery.

Can a SQL function return multiple tables?

As others say, NO. A function in TSQL must return exactly one result (although that result can come in the form of a table with numerous values).

How can I get data from two tables in SQL without joining?

Yes, Tables Can Be Joined Without the JOIN Keyword As you have just seen, it’s not always necessary to use the JOIN keyword to combine two tables in SQL. You can replace it with a comma in the FROM clause then state your joining condition in the WHERE clause. The other method is to write two SELECT statements.

How can I get data from multiple tables?

You can also merge data from two or more tables or views into a single column or create a subquery to retrieve data from several tables. You can use a SELECT statement to join columns in two or more tables. You can merge data from two or more tables into a single column on a report by using the keyword UNION.

How do I create a function that returns a table in SQL?

Creating SQL table functions

  1. Define the CREATE FUNCTION (table) statement: Specify a name for the function. Specify a name and data type for each input parameter. Specify the routine attributes. Specify the RETURNS TABLE keyword.
  2. Execute the CREATE FUNCTION (table) statement from a supported interface.

How can I return multiple values from a function in PL SQL?

There is no way you can return 2 variable. It has to be one. You can use a custom rec type or array which you can return from the function.

How can I get data from two tables in MySQL?

SELECT From Multiple Tables in MySQL

  1. Use GROUP BY food to SELECT From Multiple Tables.
  2. Use JOIN to SELECT From Multiple Tables in MySQL.
  3. Use GROUP_CONCAT() and Manipulate the Results in MySQL.

How do I combine two tables in SQL?

The join is done by the JOIN operator. In the FROM clause, the name of the first table ( product ) is followed by a JOIN keyword then by the name of the second table ( category ). This is then followed by the keyword ON and by the condition for joining the rows from the different tables.

Can be used to retrieve data from multiple tables Mcq?

Answer: D. Joins are used to connect multiple tables and project column data from multiple tables in Oracle.

Can a function return a table in SQL?

In SQL Server, we can use the table-valued function to return data of table type. A table-valued function is classified as one of the types of user-defined functions in SQL Server that returns rowset as a result. Moreover, we can utilize a table-valued function as a table in SQL Server.

Can we return table from function?

To return a table from the function, you use RETURNS TABLE syntax and specify the columns of the table. Each column is separated by a comma (, ). In the function, we return a query that is a result of a SELECT statement.

How can I return multiple values from a procedure?

  1. Return multiple values using stored procedure.
  2. Return multiple values from SQL proc to C#
  3. Stored procedure returning only first row.
  4. Excecuting a Stored procedure with multiple returns in VB.
  5. Return value from stored procedure containing multiple queries.
  6. [C#/SQL] Read Multiple values from stored procedure.

How can I return multiple values from a stored procedure?

In order to fetch the multiple returned values from the Stored Procedure, you need to make use of a variable with data type and size same as the Output parameter and pass it as Output parameter using OUTPUT keyword. You can also make use of the Split function to split the comma separated (delimited) values into rows.

Which clause is used to retrieve data from one or more tables?

The SELECT clause specifies one or more columns to be retrieved; to specify multiple columns, use a comma and a space between column names. To retrieve all columns, use the wild card * (an asterisk). The FROM clause specifies one or more tables to be queried.

Can be used to retrieve data from multiple table * A embedded SQL B Dynamic SQL C joins D views?

How do you return a table from a function?

Can a SQL function return a table?

Example 1. The following SQL function explicitly states that it returns a TABLE . Therefore, the returned rowset structure is implicitly defined.

How do I return a table?

Can function return multiple values?

We can return more than one values from a function by using the method called “call by address”, or “call by reference”. In the invoker function, we will use two variables to store the results, and the function will take pointer type data. So we have to pass the address of the data.