How can I get Indian visa photo at home?

How can I get Indian visa photo at home?

India visa photo requirements

  1. Background should be white or off-white in colour.
  2. The Indian visa photo must be in colour.
  3. Facial expression should be neutral.
  4. The width of the photo is 2 inches (Equivalents to 51 mm) and the height is 2 inches (Equivalents to 51 mm)
  5. Normal clothing.
  6. Strong make-up should be avoided.

How do I get an Indian visa photo?

All Photo Specs

  1. Size: 51mm x 51mm or 2×2 inches.
  2. Color: Natural color so skin tone is clearly visible.
  3. Head size and position: Head needs to be centered and looking at the camera.
  4. Recency: Taken in the last 6 months.
  5. Background: Plain white and solid design.
  6. Smile: No smile.
  7. Eyes: Open and looking directly at camera.

How to make Indian passport size photo online?

123PassportPhoto is a passport photo generator that helps you to make India passport photo online….Crop and Generate Passport Photos

  1. Select a country.
  2. Upload your photo.
  3. Crop photo.
  4. Download passport photos.

Is passport photo online free?

Features. Easy to use tool to create passport, visa and ID photos. Use it free of charge.

How do I print a visa photo at home?

Their tips for the best results are below:

  1. Use a plain white background (a whiteboard works great!).
  2. Does your photo have shadows?
  3. Ask a friend to take your photo using the back camera (selfies are often lower in quality).
  4. No glasses!
  5. Look straight and do not smile (a neutral expression is best).

How do I upload a photo to my visa?

If you need to upload the photo, read further. Your photo must be in JPEG image format (i.e., jpg file type) and the file size should be 240 kb or less. Click the “Browse” button and choose the photograph from your local computer and click on ‘Upload Photo’.

Can I take my own visa photo?

You can just take your own photo, use your own editing software, and print them off in the specified size on your own, but for those who want a bit more guidance or who would like the use of professional printing services, there are actually several free or very cheap services online that will help you take a passport …

How do I resize a photo for visa?

U.S. visa photo size The required photo size is 2 x 2 inches (51 mm x 51 mm). Small framing is also allowed. You can use a dedicated online photo tool to adjust the size of your picture. In the visa picture, only the face, the area around the collarbone, and upper part of the shoulder should be seen.

How can I take a passport photo for free?

Top 3 free passport photo tools

  1. BioID. BioID is a good free passport photo printing software that is very useful for printing passport photos, identity card photos or visa photos.
  2. At, you can create free passport photos online in just three steps.
  3. persofoto.

How do I change a picture to 400 by 514 pixels?

Edit Photo Size

  1. Click on BASIC ->Resize.
  2. Change the Size to 514(Height) 400 (Width) Unchecked ‘Keep aspect ratio’ and Apply.
  3. File – Save file as JPG.
  4. Done!

Is there a passport photo app?

Use a mobile app There are plenty of passport apps available for both iOS and Android. One relatively new app that we found worked well is Passport Photo AiD (iOS, Android). The app lets you shoot or add a photo from your camera roll, then analyzes it for compliance using artificial intelligence.

Is passport photo online legit?

I strongly advise against using the services of this company. They accepted 2 photos and took money for them but both of them were rejected by the office. The company didn’t return the money.

How do I create a digital photo Visa?

Guidance – How to Make Your Own Passport / Visa Photo at Home

  1. Set up your photo shot. Photo must be taken against white, off-white background.
  2. Mind your photo presentation. Pose for your photo shoot.
  3. Shoot. Place your camera in the same height as the head.
  4. Email your image.
  5. Digital photo samples – dos and don’ts.

Can I use passport photo for Indian visa?

To apply for an Indian visa you need to upload two things: a passport scan and a passport photo. The passport scan is fairly straightforward. No particularly strict requirements apply here.

What is the size of an Indian visa photo?

The size of an Indian visa photo is 2 x 2 inches (51mm x 51mm) and should show the full head from the top of the hair to the bottom of the chin. The height of the eyes must be between 1-1/8 inches to 1-3 inches and the size of the head should be from 1 inch to 1-3/8 inches (25 to 35 mm).

When to take a photo for an Indian visa application?

The photo for an Indian visa has to be recent, in order to confirm your current appearance – taken within the 6 (six) months prior to submitting your application. However, if your look has changed, it is recommended that you take a new photograph.

What are the different types of Indian visas?

Depending on the nature of your journey to India, there are different types of Indian visas: Tourist Visa – granted for 5 years. Transit Visa – granted for 15 days. Business Visa – granted for 5 years. Employment Visa – granted for 1 year or period of contract. Student Visa – granted for 5 years or period of the course.