Does Takumi like Misaki?

Does Takumi like Misaki?

Misaki Ayuzawa Misaki is the first and only girl who Takumi fell in love with and they are now in a relationship as an official couple.

Does Takumi end up with Misaki?

Finally, in chapter 85, 10 years after Takumi and Misaki graduate, they get married. At this point, Takumi is a famous doctor in England working for the walker family, and Misaki is a world -enowned diplomat.

Do Takumi and Misaki have kids?

Manga Debut Sara Usui (碓氷 沙羅 Usui Sara) is the daughter of Misaki Ayuzawa and Takumi Usui.

Is Takumi Usui half white?

Takumi is mostly Japanese, having come from a Japanese mother. But his father is actually part British and is a part of a noble family in Britain. This makes Takumi 1/4 British in his genetic makeup.

When did Usui start liking Misaki?

In chapter 32, Usui confesses to Misaki during the school’s firework festival and they share a kiss, though the relationship does not become formalized until Misaki herself confesses her love to him in chapter 57.

What episode does Misaki start dating Usui?

Especially because he is doing everything he can to make Misaki fall in love with him. By Episode 25 — “Hinata & Misaki & Usui” — however, Hinata realizes Misaki is in love with Usui when he covers her water-soaked shirt with his dress shirt so nobody can see through to her bra beneath, and then she walks off with him.

When did Usui fall in love Misaki?

In chapter 57, they officially become a couple. And in chapter 81 he proposes to Misaki and she accepts making her his fiancé.

Is Takumi Usui in love with Misaki?

Gallery Takumi Usui (碓氷 拓海, Usui Takumi) is the main male protagonist of the Kaichou wa Maid-Sama! Manga and anime series. He is amazingly talented at everything and he is the love interest of Misaki Ayuzawa, which then later Misaki becomes his wife as shown in chapter 85.

Why does Takumi call Misaki a masochist?

Takumi begins taking notice of the stress Misaki is under, with her activities piling up. Intruding into the office, Takumi calls her a masochist for how she pushes herself. As she collapses, Takumi catches her, and says that seeing her in such a state makes him feel unsafe. However, Misaki pushes him away, telling him she won’t accept his help.

Why did Gerald and Misaki tag along with Takumi?

When Takumi visited Misaki during lunch break at Seika they tagged along and took a picture to show that they are befriending Takumi just like what they were told to. Gerald is Takumi’s older English half-brother. He and Takumi look almost identical, except that Gerald’s hair is straight and dark blue and also his eyes are light blue.

Why do Sakura Shizuko and Misaki decide to follow Usui?

The next day Sakura, Shizuko] and Misaki decide to follow Usui to have a peek at his private life and confirm rumors that he is rich. However, Usui knows he’s being followed, so he leads the three on a wild goose chase around town.