Does Ooma work with multiple phones?

Does Ooma work with multiple phones?

In short, Multi-Device Ring is the ability to have multiple devices ring when an Ooma Office user is called. Users can only have one of each of the following devices assigned to their account: an analog phone, an IP phone, and an external device like a mobile phone and the Ooma Office Mobile App.

How many handsets can I use on Ooma?

Each Ooma Telo Base Station can support up to four Ooma cordless peripherals (HD2 Handsets or Linx devices).

How do I connect my Linx to Ooma?

Installing your Ooma Linx

  1. Plug the Linx device into a power outlet close to your Ooma Office or Ooma Telo.
  2. Press the Page key on your Ooma Office or Ooma Telo and hold it down for 3 seconds.
  3. Plug the Ooma Linx into a power outlet and plug your device into the phone jack at the bottom of the Ooma Linx.

Can I use any phone with Ooma Office?

You can use your own analog phones with Ooma Office. We do not currently allow customers to bring in their own IP phones.

Does Ooma work with WIFI?

Product Description. the ooma wireless + Bluetooth adapter enables your ooma Telo to connect to the internet wirelessly using your Wi-Fi network. This gives you the flexibility to install your Telo anywhere in your home where you have access to Wi-Fi.

What IP phones work with Ooma?

DECT Wireless IP Phones

  • Yealink W52P.
  • Yealink W56H.
  • Yealink W60P.

Does Ooma have free long distance?

Is there any way to call internationally for free? Yes, you can call internationally for free by calling other Ooma customers! Calling between Ooma systems is free regardless of where in the world the systems are located. You can talk for as long as you want!

How do I connect my Ooma handset to the base?

To register the Headset to an Ooma Telo Base Station, you can follow these instructions:

  1. Remove the Headset from the charging cradle.
  2. Press the PAGE button on your Telo Base Station and hold it down for three seconds.
  3. Place the headset back into the charging cradle.
  4. Pick up the Headset and press the TALK button.

How do I use a second line with Ooma?

If you are within easy reach of your Ooma device, simply press the number of the line you wish to join. Otherwise, press the flash button on your telephone to switch over to the existing call after you hear the Ooma dialtone.

What is Ooma base station?

The Ooma Connect Base Station is the heart of your Ooma Office setup, providing gigabit routing functionality, and remote management. It is compatible with analog phones, Ooma-branded IP phones, and Ooma DECT devices.

Does Ooma work without internet?

Since Ooma works over your Internet connection, you will need to call from a mobile phone if your Internet connection is down. If you’re concerned about relying on your Internet for phone service, we’ve built the Ooma system to work with a landline back-up.

Does Ooma connect to router or modem?

Basic Ooma Office Base Station setup Your device should be set up between your modem and your router for the best connection. Use the Ethernet cable included in the box to connect the TO INTERNET port on your Base Station to an open Ethernet port on your router.

What is Ooma adapter?

The Ooma Wireless Adapter allows your Ooma Telo Base Station or Phone Genie to connect to the Internet using your Wi-Fi network instead of a cable. The wireless adapter is perfect if you want to set up your Telo Base Station or Phone Genie in a part of your home that doesn’t have a wired Internet connection.

Does Ooma work with Comcast?

Yes Ooma will work with this, but… You do not need this model if you cancel your Xfinity voice. If you want to use Ooma, get the Netgear C7000 model, which does not support Xfinity voice, for $100 less.

Which is better Ooma or Vonage?

When it comes to features, Vonage easily wins over Ooma. With 50-plus features, Vonage offers a business inbox, call forwarding, desktop and mobile apps, cell phone integration, a second line, call routing, business SMS, voicemail, and voicemail to email.

Who owns Ooma?


Type Public
Founded Palo Alto, California, U.S. in 2004
Founder Andrew Frame
Headquarters 525 Almanor Avenue, Suite 200, Sunnyvale , California
Key people Eric B. Stang (President, Chairman, & CEO) Shig Hamamatsu (CFO)

Does Ooma plug into router or modem?

Is Ooma still in business?

Operations. Ooma’s service offerings are broken down into two business models: Ooma Telo for personal or home use and business services including Ooma Office, Ooma Office Pro and Ooma Enterprise.

What carrier does Ooma use?

Sprint 4G LTE nationwide
The Telo 4G Adapter uses the Sprint 4G LTE nationwide network. You can visit to check the level of coverage for your address.

Does OOMA connect to router or modem?