Does Nissan NV350 have Turbo?

Does Nissan NV350 have Turbo?

AN ALL-NEW POWERFUL ENGINE Providing 356 Newton-meters of torque, complemented by 129 PS in power, the turbo-charged engine generates higher torque from low to medium speed range, translating to ease of starting and smoother acceleration.

What engine does a Nissan NV350 have?

Engine choice The petrol engine is a 2.5-litre, naturally-aspirated 4-cylinder that produces 108 kW and 213 Nm torque and is said to return a combined fuel consumption of 11.8 l/100km. This number increases to 12.5 l/100km for the wide-body version. All models are equipped with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

How many seater is Nissan NV350?

18 seats
NV350 Urvan Standard 18-Seater Technical Specifications

Seating Capacity 18 seats
No Of Doors 4
Height 1990 mm
Length 4695 mm
Ground Clearance 195 mm

How many liters is NV350?

2.5 L
4 cylinder gasoline (QR25) and Diesel (YD25) engines, with 2.5 L displacement and 65 L fuel tank.

Which is better Nissan NV350 vs Toyota Hiace?

The biggest advantage of Hiace is the 3.0 Liter with similar displacement which is greater than Urvan’s. One spec that Hiace loses out is in torque but is better at horsepower compared to Urvan….Engine and Transmission specs.

2020 Toyota Hiace 2020 Nissan NV350 Urvan
Power 134 hp 127 hp
Torque 300 Nm 356 Nm

Is NV350 automatic?

The Nissan NV350 Urvan in the Philippines runs on a 2.5L diesel engine that can produce up to 129 hp and 356 Nm of torque. It comes equipped with a five-speed manual transmission, while the bigger 15-seater Premium variant gets the option for an automatic gearbox.

Is NV350 reliable?

Reliability. The Caravan NV350 is relatively new so few significant issues have surfaced. The engine uses a timing chain which will not require regular replacement. The van’s build quality, fit and finish is better than in the previous generation and is considered to be as good as that of the market-leader Toyota Hiace …

Is NV350 fuel efficient?

Offering generous cabin space and easy access, the Nissan NV350 Narrow Body Panel Van is the perfect vehicle for fleets or deliveries. With an acceptable fuel economy of 11 Litres per 100 kms, you’ll be sure to keep your business going places with the Nissan NV350.

What type of vehicle is NV350?

Nissan NV350 Urvan Specifications

Body Type Van
Fuel Type Diesel
Transmission Manual Automatic
Max Output (HP) 127 HP @ 3,200 rpm – 129 HP @ 3,200 rpm
Drivetrain Rear-Wheel Drive

Is Nissan Caravan a good car?

The Caravan drives reasonably well, with a good ride and excellent stability. The steering does feel quite heavy, which could tire some drivers. The Caravan is also one of the quietest cargo vans we have driven. Its 12.1-metre turning circle is good for such a large vehicle.

Which is better Nissan NV350 vs Toyota HiAce?

How many kms Can Nissan Caravan do?

The Nissan Caravan is highly upgraded business vehicle that offer a lot of space for cargo with ease. It has 12.2 km per liter with the benefit of clean diesel technology to get the best fuel economy.

Is Nissan Caravan reliable?

There are five generations of the Nissan Caravan, all renowned for their robust reliability and good design only rivalled by Toyota’s Hiace.