Does JR Pass cover subway in Tokyo?

Does JR Pass cover subway in Tokyo?

The Japan Rail Pass and JR Tokyo Wide Pass are valid only on JR trains and the Tokyo Monorail. They cannot be used on subways or any other non-JR train.

Is JR Pass useful in Tokyo?

Tokyo and Osaka are two of the few cities where the pass is quite useful thanks to Tokyo’s Yamanote Line and Osaka’s Loop Line. In many other cities, however, for example in Kyoto, non-JR trains, subways and buses are more convenient but not covered by the Japan Rail Pass.

How many JR lines are there?

In total, JR alone operates 23 lines within the Greater Tokyo area. JR East is also the majority shareholder in the Tokyo Monorail, one of the world’s most commercially successful monorail lines.

How many stations are on the JR Yamanote train line?


Yamanote Line
Termini Shinagawa (loop)
Stations 30
Type Heavy rail

What is the best way to get around in Tokyo?

Getting Around Tokyo

  1. Subways and trains are the best way to get around Tokyo.
  2. A prepaid Suica or Pasmo card is the BEST way to pay for transport.
  3. You can buy a Suica card online for pickup at the airport.
  4. Taxis are excellent but rather expensive.
  5. Buses aren’t recommended for short-term visitors.

How many JR stations are there in Tokyo?

30 stations
The JR Yamanote line, Yamanote loop line, or sometimes simply called Tokyo Loop Line is a circular line in central Tokyo, and much used by commuters and visitors alike. The Yamanote line has a daily rider ship of up to 5 million people, stops at 30 stations and has a total length of 34.5 km (21.4 mi).

How long does it take to go around the Yamanote Line?

It is a circular line which connects Tokyo’s major city centers. A trip around the whole circle takes approximately one hour. Even though a single train on the Yamanote Line is roughly 200 meters long, there are departures about every two to four minutes in each direction.

Which Shinkansen is covered by JR Pass?

All Shinkansen trains are covered by the JR Pass except the Nozomi and Mizuho fast trains which run on the Takaido and Sanyo lines. JR Pass holders can catch the semi-fast and local trains on these lines instead. The semi-fast trains take just a little longer than the Nozomi and Mizuho trains.

Is Tokyo transport cheap?

Tokyo’s taxis are an excellent way to get around the city, especially outside of rush hour or if you have to go to a place not close to a train or subway station. However, they’re not cheap. For full details, see my Tokyo Taxis page.

How do I use JR Pass in Japan?

The JR Pass is available for 7, 14, and 21-day trips. Once you have purchased your Japan Rail Pass, you will receive an exchange voucher. Upon arrival in Japan, and to be able to use your JR Pass, you must validate and exchange your order for the actual pass, which must be made a maximum of 90 days after your purchase.

Can I use JR Pass on Yamanote Line?

Japan Rail Pass holders can take advantage of the line for free. Taking any train on the Yamanote line is fully included in the JR Pass. Furthermore, this is the only line that connects all of Tokyo’s most famous central stations such as Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Ueno and Tokyo Station.