Do Cardinal and Delorme get together?

Do Cardinal and Delorme get together?

Married for most of the series, Cardinal saw his wife die in “By the Time You Read This,” the fourth book penned by Blunt. The romantic tension between Cardinal and Delorme has been hinted at, but never acted upon in the series.

Has Cardinal been Cancelled?

Cardinal season 5: Why the hit crime show is cancelled from Hulu and BBC! After season 4 of Cardinal has wrapped and wrapped up, fans are left wondering why the Canadian crime show won’t return to our screens. The Canadian crime drama Cardinal has been a popular series ever since the shows snowy premiere back 2017.

Is Cardinal a dirty cop?

While Detective Lise Delorme (Karine Vanasse) is assigned to help him solve the murder, she’s also there to secretly investigate the charges that Cardinal is a corrupt cop accepting money from a drug lord to throw investigations off the track.

Where is the series Cardinal filmed?

Cardinal (TV series)

Executive producers Jennifer Kawaja Julia Sereny Daniel Grou Jocelyn Hamilton Armand Leo Aubrey Nealon Sarah Dodd Patrick Tarr
Producer Jessica Daniel
Production locations Sudbury and North Bay, Ontario
Cinematography Dylan Macleod Steve Cosens

Will there be a s5 of Cardinal?

The fourth season is an adaptation of the sixth novel called Until the Night, but sadly this is where the story ends. HITC reported Cardinal has been cancelled and this means there will not be a season five.

Was Catherine murdered on Cardinal?

John Cardinal, Algonquin Bay’s stoic, rugged detective – currently grieving for his wife, Catherine (murdered last series by a rogue psychologist), and haunted by his inability to avert her death – is played by Billy Campbell.

What happened to Billy Campbell?

Billy Campbell can currently be seen on the CTV/HULU television series, “Cardinal” This year Billy won a Canadian Screen Award for Best Actor in “Cardinal” for the second year in a row as well as nominated for a 2018 International Emmy Award for Best Actor in a series.

Is Algonquin Bay a real place?

The series is set in the beautiful fictional town of Algonquin Bay, named after Algonquin Provincial Park, which sits between Ottowa, Toronto and Sudbury in Ontario, Canada.

How Old Is Billy Campbell?

63 years (July 7, 1959)Billy Campbell / Age

Why did Cardinal tip off Corbett?

 Turns out, Catherine, suffering a psychotic event, attempted to contact her husband, but inadvertently tipped off Corbett’s man and blew Cardinal’s cover. Cardinal has been taking the fall ever since to protect his wife.

Will there be a season 5 of Cardinal?

Each season has consisted of six episodes and they each focus on different books by Blunt. The fourth season is an adaptation of the sixth novel called Until the Night, but sadly this is where the story ends. HITC reported Cardinal has been cancelled and this means there will not be a season five.

Did Cardinal’s wife commit suicide?

Autumn has arrived in Algonquin Bay, and with it an unusual spate of suicides. The most shocking victim yet is Detective John Cardinal’s wife, who has finally succumbed to her battle with manic depression.

Who is Billy Campbell’s father?

Ade CampbellBilly Campbell / Father

Are Bruce Campbell and Billy Campbell related?

Second cousin of actor Billy Campbell.

Where was Cardinal Season 4 filmed?

Northern Ontario
Cardinal’s fourth series was primarily shot in North Bay, Northern Ontario. The city, based in the Nipissing District, has a population of just 51,500 and straddles both the Ottawa River and the Great Lakes Basin.

How far is Algonquin Bay from Toronto?

Cars traveling from Toronto to Algonquin Park cover a distance of around 176 miles. Travel time is approximately 4 hours.

Where is Billy Campbell from?

Charlottesville, VABilly Campbell / Place of birth

What happens to Keith in Cardinal?

Edie approaches the trunk of her car with trepidation, but Keith is gone! Wherever she stabbed him last time can’t have been fatal, because all we see is a pool of blood and no captive. Cardinal stops by the station to say goodbye to Dyson, he thinks the pharmacy bag is hinky.

Where is Billy Campbell now?

These days he is often at her family farm in southern Norway, or living with her in Denmark where she works in architecture. Since 2017, Campbell has starred in the Canadian television drama series Cardinal, for which he won multiple Canadian Screen Award for Best Actor in a Limited Series or Television Film.