Can I play bass with short fingers?

Can I play bass with short fingers?

Short scale bass guitars are fantastic for people with small hands because, well, they’re shorter.

Which instrument is good for short fingers?

If you really want to go for instruments that don’t care how short your fingers are, try hammered dulcimer, marimba and xylophone, autoharp, Irish whistle, recorders, fifes, bell ringing, psaltery, etc.

Should I get a short scale bass if I have small hands?

Yes, short-scale basses are the perfect option for beginners who find the traditional 34” bass too heavy or big. You get much easier playability thanks to the shorter neck and overall smaller body dimensions. They also have less tension on the strings and are easier to tune, so you won’t have sore fingers as often.

Can you play upright bass with small hands?

There is no reason why you can’t play DB with small hands. I have played basses with 43.5″ streng length with no problems. You may just have to do more shifting than pivoting. Good luck with your quest.

What instrument can I play with small hands?

But don’t despair! There are so many great smaller-sized instruments out there, and choosing the right one isn’t too hard….Table of Contents

  • Recorder.
  • The Harp.
  • The Ukulele – Is the Ukulele a good instrument for small hands?
  • Guitar.
  • Harmonica.

Does paul mccartney use a pick to play bass?

Paul played with a pick from his earliest days on the instrument, and continued this habit all throughout his career. It’s rare to find a Beatles where he plays with his fingers instead. Using a pick has a number of tonal advantages, particularly with the violin-style basses that Paul liked to use.

Is it harder to learn guitar or bass?

In Conclusion. So to conclude, as a beginner it is almost universally accepted that the bass is easier than guitar. You will be able to play famous songs much quicker and mistakes should come about less often.

Can your hands be too small to play guitar?

Your hands are never too small to play guitar and you don’t need a reduced-size guitar to play. Some people may prefer a reduced-size guitar, but even those people are capable of playing a full-sized guitar with some proper training.

Can you be a pianist with small hands?

People with small hands and short fingers can play piano. As with most instruments, pianos are made with all kinds of players in mind, especially modern versions. With exercises and with practice, you can overcome small hands and short fingers to play piano just as well as anyone!

Why is drumming so hard?

The most challenging part of learning the drums is the coordination required to play multiple rhythms at once. Both of your hands and feet have to play something different simultaneously. That is why it’s important for drummers to know how to count music.