Can domain controller be virtualized?

Can domain controller be virtualized?

Since Windows Server 2012, virtualization for Active Directory is fully supported by Microsoft. VMware fully supports virtualizing Domain Controller (as long as you follow their recommended practices). You could ask yourself if Microsoft still tests Domain Controller functionality and updates on physical hardware.

Should domain controller be physical or virtual?

Unless your budget is made of money a physical DC is a waste of hardware. The only issue with all-virtual DCs is if a single problem can take down all of the virtual DCs at once. You don’t want to put all of your DCs on the same storage, the same host server, the same physical infrastructure, etc.

How much memory does a virtual domain controller need?

Minimum Requirements

Requirement Standard Edition Enterprise Edition
Minimum RAM 128MB 128MB
Recommended 256MB 256MB
minimum RAM
Disk space for 1.5GB 1.5GB for x86-based

Are clone domain controllers supported?

Virtualized Domain Controller cloning requires: PDC emulator FSMO role hosted on a Windows Server 2012 DC. PDC emulator available during cloning operations….Platform Requirements.

Virtualization Product Supports virtualized domain controllers and VMGID
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V Server Yes

Why do you need 2 domain controllers?

Actually, In a larger environment, at least two domain controllers at each physical site should be DNS servers. This provides redundancy in the event that one DC goes offline unexpectedly.

How many cpus should a domain controller have?

CPU. A good rule of thumb for the number of virtual Central Processing Units (vCPUs) for is to size virtual Domain Controllers with 1 vCPU, when the environment has 10,000 users, or less. When the environment has more than 10,000 users, add another vCPU to the Domain Controllers.

How do I clone a virtual domain controller?

Perform these steps to clone the reference Domain Controller:

  1. Open and log into the VMware vSphere or or vSphere Web Client.
  2. Locate the virtual machine you wish to clone in the inventory.
  3. Right-click the virtual machine and select Clone and then Clone to Virtual Machine from the context menu.

What is Fsmo in Active Directory?

The infrastructure FSMO role holder is the DC responsible for updating an object’s SID and distinguished name in a cross-domain object reference. The Infrastructure Master (IM) role should be held by a DC that is not a Global Catalog server(GC).

What is the difference between physical server and virtual server?

While a physical server is a single-tenant platform with dedicated resources, a hypervisor can support multiple virtual servers, allowing multiple applications to run simultaneously and share physical hardware capacity amongst themselves.

What is a virtual domain?

A virtual domain is almost identical to a normal full domain, with the exception that it does not require any additional IP addresses to be added to the GMS Server. A virtual domain piggy backs on a full domain and therefore uses the IP address of that full domain.

Is LDAP server the domain controller?

The way you begin an LDAP session is by connecting to an LDAP server, known as a Directory System Agent, which “listens” for LDAP requests. “Domain controller” is another name for the server responsible for security authentication requests.

What is difference between domain controller and Active Directory?

A Domain Controller is a server on the network that centrally manages access for users, PCs and servers on the network. It does this using AD. Active Directory is a database that organises your company’s users and computers.

What is difference between domain and domain controller?

Domains are a hierarchical way of organizing users and computers that work together on the same network. The domain controller keeps all of that data organized and secured. The domain controller (DC) is the box that holds the keys to the kingdom- Active Directory (AD).

Why do we need a domain controller?

Domain controllers control all domain access, blocking unauthorized access to domain networks while allowing users access to all authorized directory services. The domain controller mediates all access to the network, so it is important to protect it with additional security mechanisms such as: firewalls.

Can you clone a domain controller in VMware?

​Domain Controller cloning enables fast, safer Domain Controller provisioning through clone operations. These operations include regular VM cloning and manual VMDK copy operations. Note: VMware Converter’s Hot cloning feature is not supported with Domain Controller cloning.

What is forest and tree in Active Directory?

An Active Directory (AD) tree is a collection of domains within a Microsoft Active Directory network. The term refers to the fact that each domain has exactly one parent, leading to a hierarchical tree structure. A group of AD trees is known as a forest.

How does a virtual domain controller work in Windows Server 2012?

This is how every reboot of any virtual domain controller operates in Windows Server 2012. If the two IDs do not match, this is a new virtual machine that contains an NTDS.DIT from a previous domain controller (or it is a restored snapshot). If a DCCloneConfig.xml file exists, the domain controller proceeds with cloning operations.

What is virtualized domain controller cloning?

Virtualized domain controller cloning relies on the hypervisor platform to expose an identifier called VM-Generation IDto detect creation of a virtual machine. AD DS initially stores the value of this identifier in its database (NTDS.DIT) during domain controller promotion.

Which virtualized domain controllers do not support safe restore?

Virtualized domain controllers do not support safe restore of the following: VHD and VHDX files restored using file backup or full disk backup software VHDX files are new to Windows Server 2012 Hyper-V. Neither of these operations is covered under VM-GenerationID semantics and therefore do not change the VM-Generation ID.

Is there a graphical management tool for virtualized domain controllers?

There is no graphical management tool for virtualized domain controllers included in Windows Server 2012. There are several points in the procedure where you have choices for how to create the cloned computer and how you add the xml files; these steps are noted in the details below. The process is otherwise unalterable.