Are there sharks in marietas Islands?

Are there sharks in marietas Islands?

Among the wildlife that can be seen in the area include giant manta rays, thornback rays, hammerhead sharks, silky sharks, silky sharks, and bull sharks around the islands. It is also an important site for the reproduction of the humpback whale and other species of cetaceans, as well as a dozen species of marine birds.

How do you get to marietas Island?

Visitors must first get from Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, or from Punta de Mita, Nayarit, to the Marieta Islands by boat. The hour-long ride to Marieta Islands National Park from Puerto Vallarta is a pleasant journey that culminates in an exciting (but safe) swim against the current through the extraordinary sea cave.

Where is Islas marietas located?

Wild Islas Marietas The Marieta Islands are located just a few miles off the tip of Punta Mita on the west coast of Mexico. This archipelago in Banderas Bay (Bahía de Banderas) is thought to have been formed by volcanic activity thousands of years ago.

Is Riviera Nayarit nice?

Riviera Nayarit Mexico provides a backdrop of intense skies, emerald mountains, abundant vegetation and endless beautiful golden beaches for an unforgettable Mexico vacation experience.

How long is the ferry ride from Puerto Vallarta to marietas?

The boat ride was between 45min – 1.1/2 hours from the PV marina. It really depends upon how good of guides you have that stop to point out the dolphins and whales.

Can you kayak to marietas Islands?

Board your catamaran and ride out to the magnificent Islas Marietas National Park on a top-of-the-line catamaran. Explore the rocky caverns and archways by kayak or paddleboard. Get up close and personal with the many natural wonders of the Marieta Islands.

What is Riviera Nayarit known for?

Riviera Nayarit Has Famous Islands These islands are home to rare birds, and in the waters surrounding them, you’ll spot all sorts of tropical fish and marine life while snorkeling and scuba diving. There is no better way to spend a day at sea than to visit the hidden beach of the Marietas Islands.

Is the Riviera Nayarit safe?

Riviera Nayarit earned the Safe Travels certification in 2020, and as city leaders have monitored the situation and paid attention to international travel alerts and advisories, Riviera Nayarit continues to be one of the safest tourist destinations in Mexico.

Do monkeys live in Puerto Vallarta?

A trip to Puerto Vallarta isn’t complete without a visit to our secluded and private beach at Las Caletas. This relaxing paradise can only be reached by boat and is surrounded by steep hills of lush jungles where monkeys, parrots, and other native creatures reside.

What is the best beach in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta Beaches

  • Quimixto.
  • Boca de Tomatlan.
  • Playa de Oro.
  • Boca de Tomates.
  • Caballo Beach.
  • Amapas Beach.
  • Garza Blanca Beach. If you’re up for a morning hike to later relax by the beach, Garza Blanca Beach is the ideal choice.
  • Palmares Beach. Palmares Beach is also a “Blue Flag” certified beach.

What is the best month to visit Puerto Vallarta?

The best time to visit Puerto Vallarta is between April and June when the weather is pleasant and the room rates are affordable. During these months, rain is scarce and there are fewer tourists compared to the winter high season. If you’re interested in whale watching, however, visit from December to March.

How do you get to the hidden beach in Mexico?

The Hidden Beach is invisible from the outside and is only accessible through a long water tunnel that links the beach to the Pacific Ocean. There is approximately six feet of space above water level, so visitors can arrive at the beach by swimming or kayaking.

What is unique about Riviera Nayarit?

Is it safe to travel to Riviera Nayarit Mexico?

Can you swim in Riviera Nayarit?

The beaches of the Riviera Nayarit and Nuevo Vallarta are wide, soft, and have gentle waves for swimming. The beach at Grand Velas Riviera Nayarit is the perfect place for swimming, boogie boarding, surfing, snorkeling and diving in Banderas Bay.

Is Riviera Nayarit Safe 2021?

Nayarit state – Reconsider Travel Reconsider travel due to crime. Violent crime and gang activity are common near the border with Sinaloa. U.S. government employees must adhere to the following travel restrictions: Tepic and San Blas: U.S. government employees may not travel to Tepic or San Blas.