Are Rancho shocks good?

Are Rancho shocks good?

5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing shocks, thanks Rancho! Shock performs marvelously, ride improved drastically over OEM. Installation was easy, just a tip though. Get the bottom in place before you release the shock, otherwise you’ll spend a little bit of time struggling to get it to compress and fit again.

Are Rancho shocks made by Monroe?

Rancho products are manufactured and marketed by Tenneco Inc (NYSE: TEN) a $17.45 billion manufacturing company best known for its ride control and emission brands, including: Monroe® shocks and struts, Walker® Exhaust, Thrush® Exhaust, and DynoMax® Performance Exhaust.

Are Rancho shocks good for towing?

MOAB, Utah, April 6, 2009 – Rancho has released a massive new shock series that answers the demands of every recreational enthusiast hauling a Jeep, a boat, UTV/ATV, camper and more: the Rancho® RS9000XL™ shock series, an advanced line of shock absorbers that are ideal for towing and hauling.

What are Rancho monotube shocks?

Rancho’s RS7000MT Series Shocks are a monotube, high-pressure gas charged shocks that deliver maximized heat dissipation for less fade, and maximum damping efficiency for ride quality and control.

How many miles will Rancho shocks last?

50-100k miles
Rancho RS9000XL Longevity & Durability There’s quite a big range of feedback regarding how long these Rancho RS9000XL Adjustable shocks last, ranging from 50-100k miles. The adjustability of them really go a long way in dialing in the handling or comfort, depending on what the driver needs.

What is special about Rancho shocks?

They’re known for delivering “rugged performance for work and play in any on – or off-road environment.” Rancho® shocks are often included on special trims of vehicles that emphasize off-road prowess. The result is a greater ability to take on the off-road environment in an optimized fashion.

What shocks are better than Rancho?

Bilstein: Best balanced offroad shocks. The best all-road shock options include the Bilstein 4600 and the classic Rancho RS5000X. For stock-height SUVs and trucks, the Bilstein 4600 is a better choice.

What is the difference between Rancho 5000 and 9000 shocks?

Sponsoring Vendor. Just to mention it, the major difference between the 5000 and 9000 are the 9000 are adjustable (valving wise). Basically the same shock, but for that feature.

Which shocks are better skyjacker or Rancho?

No matter how tall your rig is, Skyjacker Hydro 7000 Shocks are designed to smooth out your ride and fine-tune your handling. On the other hand, Rancho RS9000X Shocks are specially designed to be the most versatile truck and SUV shock available.

Are Black Max shocks any good?

In comparison against the nitro-gas counterparts, the foam cell Skyjacker Black Max is a much softer shock, that will be much more compliant over bumps, and transmit less unwanted harshness into the driver’s seat.

Is skyjacker a good shock?

Really when it comes down to Skyjacker shocks; it is a good, better, and best scenario. Even their entry level shock is much better than a standard off brand shock. “I know for us when it comes down to it from a sales point, the Hydro shock is always good at being a lead in.

Is nitro or hydro shocks better?

Nitro shocks are filled with pressurized nitrogen gas. This makes nitro shocks performance levels much higher than hydro shocks. This increase in performance does come at a cost though, your ride won’t be nearly as smooth, as with a hydro shock, due to this pressurized nitrogen.