Are Gypsy guides worth it?

Are Gypsy guides worth it?

We purchased the Gypsy Guide Canadian Rockies bundle (Jasper Town, Icefield Parkway, Lake Louise, and Banff Town) for ~C$22 taxes in. I don’t usually buy apps, but I “bit the bullet” and I’m so glad I did! It turned out to be money VERY well spent.

Where should I stop between Banff and Kamloops?

Along the drive from Banff to Kamloops you’ll pass through Yoho, Glacier and Mount Revelstoke National Parks in the Canadian Rockies. Highlights along the route include Golden, the Kicking Horse River, Rogers Pass, Glacier National Park, Revelstoke, The Last Spike and Salmon Arm.

Is it easy to drive from Calgary to Banff?

Banff is only 150 kilometers from Calgary, and the drive time is less than two hours by car on a divided highway. If you have your own vehicle, this is an easy trip, with no real mountain driving involved. If not, several options are available for getting from Calgary to Banff.

How much does GyPSy guide cost?

With GyPSY Guide™, all the tours are along one route, but there are side trips that designate the different road trips the app offers….Now, the differences.

Shaka Guide Oahu Driving + Walking Tour Bundle – 6 Tours
Price $29.99
GyPSy Guide™ Oahu App – 3 Road Trips
Price $12.99

Does GyPSy guide work offline?

Our award-winning narrated audio tours play automatically, based on your GPS location. You’ll enjoy the freedom to set your own pace and tour offline, no cell or wifi signal required.

Can you swim in Lake Louise?

Can You Swim at Lake Louise? What is this? Technically yes, you can swim at Lake Louise, but it probably won’t be for long. The water temperature rarely gets above 4°C, meaning you only have about 15 minutes or so until you start to become hypothermic.

Is it worth it to drive from Vancouver to Banff?

The drive from Vancouver to Banff is one of the most beautiful drives in North America, a continent full of epic road trips! Starting at the Pacific Ocean, you’ll cross multiple mountain ranges and arid wine country. You may see wildlife and there are lots of things to see and do along the way.

How much is an uber from Calgary to Banff?

$130 to $400
Calgary is 130km from Banff and Canmore, or 80 miles. This is a 90 minute drive. How much is Uber from Calgary to Banff? Uber will cost you anywhere from $130 to $400, depending on the demand for its service.

Is GyPSy Guide free?

It is free? The app is a free download that includes free trip planning advice, sample itineraries and highlights you’ll see along the way. Buy each audio tour or a bundle from in-app or directly from our website.

Which National Park app is best?

For Android and Apple, the NPS Parks by TripBucket is a free resource covering all the national park “units.” Local weather, maps and trail guides are some of the features of this interactive app. Young explorers will enjoy earning stamps from every park they visit.

Do you need bear spray in Banff?

If you’re planning on hiking, camping, or spending any time on the trails in Banff National Park, you’ll need to carry bear spray.

Why is the water so blue in Banff?

The silt is created when rocks underneath the surface of the ice are grinding from the movement of the glacier. The rock flour is very light and stays suspended in the lake water for a long time. The sunlight that reflects off these particles is what gives the lakes their spectacular turquoise blue or green colour.

What is halfway between Vancouver and Banff?

Halfway between Banff, Canada and Vancouver, Canada The town that marks the exact halfway point is actually Chase, Canada. The exact latitude and longitude coordinates are 50° 53′ 33″ N and 119° 31′ 17″ W.

Is Banff a party town?

Banff is known for a great nightlife where people from all over the world gather in the evening to have fun, share stories over a pint, enjoy live entertainment, and/or dance the night away… For a Big Night Out, many will start at one of the local pubs…

Do you need car in Banff?

Get around the national park without a car. Explore the Park vehicle-free, discover hidden gems and more. Many Banff hotels offer their guests complimentary shuttle service within the Banff townsite. Inquire with individual hotels.

How can I save money to visit national parks?

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  1. Free Days. Starting in 2009, the National Park Service launched several fee-free days at more than 100 national parks, including the Grand Canyon and Yosemite.
  2. Buy a Pass.
  3. Go Camping.
  4. Consider Monuments.
  5. Volunteer.
  6. Get Walking.
  7. Hit the Water.
  8. Check the Web.