Are Cerwin Vega car subwoofers good?

Are Cerwin Vega car subwoofers good?

The Cerwin Vega VPAS10 can be a great subwoofer with excellent quality sound.

Is Cerwin Vega a good brand?

Cerwin Vega has a reputation for great bass, but these 3-way speakers also provide great mid-range and highs. I have found no flaws in the black cabinets which separate the 12-inch woofers from the floor by 8 inches. Rubber feet adds to the isolation between the. I highly recommend these speakers.

Is Cerwin Vega out of business?

Cerwin-Vega was eventually acquired by CVM Acquisition Services in 2020 and with it reunited both mobile and other parts of Cerwin-Vega as Cerwin-Vega Inc.

What wattage is the Cerwin Vega d5?

150 watts

Frequency Response 30Hz-20kHz
Power Handling (RMS/Peak) 150 watts
Sensitivity (1W/1M) 98 dB
Nominal Impedance (ohms)

Is Diamond Audio and Cerwin Vega the same?

cerwin vega and diamond audio are under the same umbrella now. Vega has made a resurgence as of late and their offerings are coming back. The whole idea of there are better things out there, well, thats true of anything. Its more about what you want and like in your vehicle.

Who owns Cerwin-Vega now?

“ The Cerwin-Vega dynasty continues with the acquisition by “The Stanton Group of companies”. We are looking forward to another 50 years of staying on top in the audio business with products that are worthy of the Cerwin-Vega heritage. ”

Where is Cerwin-Vega from?

Cerwin-Vega sells internationally from two main locations; one in Deerfield Beach, FL, and the other location in Brussels, Belgium, while manufacturing their pro products primarily in Malaysia and home products primarily in China.

Does Cerwin-Vega make car speakers?

CERWIN-VEGA MOBILE H752 HED(R) Series 2-Way Coaxial Speakers (5.25″, 300 Watts max)

How long has Cerwin-Vega been in business?

For over 65 years, the name Cerwin-Vega has been synonymous with excellence in every area of the audio experience.

Who started Cerwin-Vega?

Gene Czerwinski
As a result of this acceptance, Cerwin-Vega has grown from a small group of engineers headed by the legendary Gene Czerwinski into one of the foremost loudspeaker companies. In 1954, Gene Czerwinski, then a brilliant young aerospace engineer, founded Cerwin-Vega.